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Quarter Buckram, Paper Side

This particular binding is durable, stable, and reversible. It consists of: hand sewing onto woven tapes, spine-lining with unbleached cotton stretch cloth, Davey Red Label binder's board glued directly to the endsheets, spine covered in starch-filled buckram, sides lined with paper. The construction procedures are as follows:

  • The paper is folded and pressed with the double-folio endsheets.
  • The sewing pattern is set up (i.e. tapes spaced evenly between the top of the book and the kettle-stitch at the tail).
  • Sewing swelling is knocked down.
  • Spine and stretch-cloth are glued, tapes set down, and the spine lined and well rubbed down.
  • Front and back boards are glued and laid on (flush with the head and 1/4" from the back), and the book pressed.
  • Buckram and spine is glued and the buckram laid on flush with the head. The joints should be well set and the spine rubbed down.
  • The book is trimmed on the fore-edge.
  • The siding paper is glued and laid slightly over the edge of the buckram and turned in at the fore-edge.
  • The book is trimmed at head and tail.


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