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 Inactive Legislative Documents

National Legislative Documents

Cámara de Senado

directory, biographies, history of the house

House of Assembly

listing of all chairs and representatives


listing of all chairs and representatives

H. Congreso Nacional

site for Diputados and Senadores, directory information, recently promulgated laws

Cámara dos Desputados

directory of members, commissions, propsitions, journal of meetings and legislative proccess.

Cámara do Senado

directory information, media news, directory of senators, projects, legislation, and election'98, new historical archive of chamber's debates

Cámara de Diputados

Repesentatives and contact information, organization, committees, news, publications and link to the Congressional Library

Cámara de Senados

legislations up for debate- ordered week by week. senator information, committees, directory information, publications, synposis of sessions

Congreso Colombiano

directory, legislative calendar

Cámara de Representantes

prototype on commercial service that legislative biography and political issues

Costa Rica
Asamblea Legislativa

directory information, organization, constitution, Legislators and contact information, link to Congressional Library (under construction)

Dominican Republic
National Congress

mainly a frontpage to Senudo and Camara de Disputados. (Under construction)

Congreso de la Republica

biographical information, parliment commisions, divided by regions

Chambre des Députés

directory information, biographies, and contact information

Le Sénat

directory information, biographies and contact information

Cámara de Diputados

directory, biographies, political party statements, summary of congressional debates

Cámara de Senadores

directory, biographies, political party statements

Asamblea Nacional

directory, basic laws and codes, legislative agenda

Cámara de Disputados

Background information on the executive officers, and legislators, committees, and transcripts of sessions

Congreso Nacional

brief summaries of legal bases for Diputados and Senadores

Congreso de la República

directory, legislative agenda, constitution

Puerto Rico

directory information, current events, senators, committees and the senate floor

Trinidad and Tobago
House of Representatives

directory and general information on the members.


detailed biography on each of teh 31 senators

Cámara de Representantes

revised balance of 1997, comissions, representatives and images

Poder Legislativo

index of pending legislation (searchable by sponsor or bill number), texts of constitutions and major national legislation

U.S. Virgin Islands
Legislative Branch

directory of senators and contact information

Congreso de la República

organization of Diputados and Senadores, outline of national legislative history

SAIL (Servicio Autónomo de Información Legislativa)

set of for-fee databases with bills, official gazette, law and legal indexes


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