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Don't use Blackboard? As long as you are not placing requests for electronic reserves, you can submit your reserve requests via a web form.

Reactivate (copy) items from a previous semester's reserves list


Log in to the Reserves Processing System: If prompted, select "switch to instructor view".




From the toolbar, select "Main Menu" and then select "Past Courses".




Under the "Previous Courses" list, select the course you wish to re-use:




From the toolbar, select "Current Course" and then select "Reactivate/Copy Course"

Fill in all new information about your course. Select the reserve items you wish to use again (listed at bottom of page), then click "Clone Class."


Create a new reserves list


1. Log in to the Reserve Processing System:  If prompted, select "switch to instructor view".


2. Click "create a new course"


3. Blackboard users: click "Yes" at the next screen (non-blackboard users, skip to step 4). Follow the instructions to either request a Blackboard site or proceed to Blackbard to add course items (you will need to log in with your NetID).

To add items in Blackboard, click on the course you are teaching from the "My Courses" list. Once in your course's Blackboard site, on the left hand menu, click "Tools". Then from the options at right choose "Course Reserves" (for further instructions, skip step 4 and choose "Adding items to your reserves list" from the options below).



4. Non-Blackboard users: at the "do you have or plan to have a Blackboard site" screen, click "No" and after reading click the "I Understand" button.  Fill in the information about your course.  Select a library where your reserve books will be located.  Click "create course".

Note: If you wish to use electronic reserves for your course, you will still need to request a Blackboard site through the Faculty Center (to do this, go to, then click "blackboard course site request").


To continue, click "Add items to your reserves list" from the options below.

Add items to your reserves list


Option 1- Non-Blackboard users (Blackboard users skip to Option 2 below)

At the Reserve Processing System Home page (, make sure you've selected "Switch to Instructor View", then select the course you wish to edit. On the "Reserve Requests" tab, click the "Add Reserve Items" button.


Select the type of item you wish to add (book, video, etc).


After selecting the item format, you will be brought to an input screen where you will enter the citation information. Select the library where your reserve items will be located (Pickup Location) and specify the loan period.



Option 2- Blackboard users

Start on your course's Blackboard "Course Reserves" page (to get here in Blackboard, click on the course you are teaching from the "My Courses" list. Then on the left hand menu, click "Tools". From the options at right choose "Course Reserves")

Click on the "Add Requests" tab; you will need to enter each reserve item seperately.  Click on the icon representing the format type of the first item (book, video, etc).

If you wish to add multiple items at once, click the "Import Items" icon at the end.  Use a citation manager (RefWorks, EndNote, Mandalay) to create a list in "RIS format" and then past the text file into the box.

To import items from another reserve list, select from the courses displayed under "Previous Courses.


Once you select the item type, you will move to a new screen where you will be prompted to enter additional bibliographic information as well as the library location (for print materials) and the loan period. To use the "Search and Import" feature, click the "Search the Catalog/Import Items" button.  You can import citation information using three methods: "Search classic catalog", "Import via ISBN", and "Import via citation manager".

"Search Classic Catalog" will import bibliographic information from the library catalog.  Enter your search.  Select the item you want from the results.


At the bottom of the item display will be a Shortcut link for that item, containing a "BBID" number (up to 7 digits). Copy the BBID number and paste it into the "Item's BBID" box at the top left of the Import Record screen.  Click "Import Item."


Review the citation information.  If there are problems, manually edit the information, or click the "Clear" button to start over. When all is correct, click the "Submit Item" button. The item will appear on your "Reserve Requests" tab (this will not be instantaneous).

"Import via ISBN" will import information using an ISBN search of WorldCat; enter ISBN numbers (copied from Amazon or another vendor) into search.


"Import from Citation Manager" will import information from your citation management tool (RefWorks, End Note).



Edit items on your reserves list

The items on your reserve list are displayed on the "Reserve Requests" tab, under "Your Requests".  The Processing Status displays to the right of the item.
Only items that are “awaiting reserve processing” can be edited or deleted. If an item is marked “available,” contact the reserve staff for assistance.


Select the item you wish to edit and click "Edit this Item."  Make your edits and click "Submit Item" (bottom right hand corner of screen):