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A decade of ag research aid

Sept. 16 marked a promising milestone for a program that aims to help researchers in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Mann Library is one of the founding partners of AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture), which provides countries in the developing world with Web-based access to top-quality literature in the agriculture and life sciences. In 2003, Mann, the Food and Agriculture Organization, scientific publishers and research institutions in the developing world formed the partnership. More than 2,500 institutions in 116 countries have downloaded millions of articles through the AGORA portal.

Mary Ochs, director of Mann Library, and IT Project Manager Holly Mistlebauer (above) attended the 10-year celebration in Rome.

“Cornell University is committed to supporting AGORA and Research4Life as part of its land grant mandate,” Ochs said. “For developing country researchers, better access to the scientific literature of agriculture is a basic building block for achieving meaningful progress toward food security.”