COAP Funding

July 2022: Cornell University Library's open access publishing grants program is accepting applications.

Funding for the Cornell Open Access Publishing (COAP) program has been restored for 2022-23. Please note that available funds are limited and likely to deplete before the academic year is out. Support will be provided for eligible publications as long as funds are available; once funds are exhausted, no new applications can be accepted for the current academic year.

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The Cornell Open-Access Publication Fund will underwrite reasonable processing fees for open access publications by eligible Cornell authors when funds are not otherwise available. The fund is supported jointly by the Provost and the Cornell University Library.


Eligible Authors: The COAP Fund is available to any non-tenured faculty, academic staff, or student author affiliated with Cornell’s Ithaca campus.

Eligible Publication Types: COAP funds apply to publication and processing fees for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and books.

Eligible Publication Venues: COAP funds may be used to pay processing fees associated with publishing peer-reviewed scholarship on an open access basis. Eligible open access publishers may operate on a not-for-profit or a commercial basis, but the entire publication where the COAP-supported work appears must be freely available online, with no charge to readers or readers’ institutions for access.


To be eligible, a journal must meet these additional requirements:

  • Is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.
  • Is published by a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association or a publisher that adheres to its Code of Conduct.
  • Provides immediate, unfettered access to all peer-reviewed articles. In other words, journals with a hybrid open access model (some articles in the journal are open, some are not) or delayed open access model (articles become open after an embargo period) are not eligible.
  • Has publicly available a standard article fee schedule.
  • Has a policy to waive fees in case of economic hardship.

Because the open access environment for books is still evolving, eligibility will be decided on a case-by-case basis. In general, books supported by COAP funds should be openly accessible immediately upon online publication. In the case of contributed chapters to a multi-author volume, the entire volume must be published on an open access basis in order for individual chapters to be considered for COAP funding.

No Alternate Funding Available:  Articles, chapters, or books for which alternate publication funding is available are not eligible for COAP funds. This includes works whose underlying research was funded by grants or gifts that allow grant funds to be used for publishing and processing fees (regardless of whether such fees were included in the budget of the particular grant that supported the research). COAP funds are intended to support open access as a funding source of last resort.

Per-work Reimbursement Cap:  The most that the COAP Fund will reimburse for a single article, chapter or book is $3,000.

Per-Author Reimbursement Limit:  The COAP Fund will reimburse an individual author for costs associated with only one publication (single article, chapter or book) per fiscal year.

Multiple Authorship:  In the case of an article, chapter or book with multiple authors, each author is responsible for a prorated portion of any publishing fees. For example, for an article with three authors that is to appear in a journal with a $3,000 publication fee, each author is responsible for $1,000 of that fee. If two of the authors are eligible Cornellians, each may enter an application for $1,000. If both apply, $2,000 will be sent to the journal. If the journal has a $6,000 publication fee, the $3,000 per article cap will apply and each eligible Cornell author may only apply for $1,000.

Reimbursement Mechanism:  Once a request has been approved, the author should forward a copy of the publisher’s invoice to the COAP contact. The Library can either pay the publisher directly for the amount of the award or reimburse the author. For reimbursement, the author must provide a Cornell departmental account to which the funds can be transferred.

Fund Cap:  Funding for the COAP program is allocated year-by-year and is strictly limited each academic year. Awards for works that meet the eligibility criteria will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis; if funds are depleted before end of the fiscal year (June 30), the program will be closed to new submissions for the rest of the funding period.

Application Process: Articles, chapters, and books accepted for publication up to a year prior to the funding request are eligible for this program. Requests for funding should be made after a work is accepted for publication. When funding is available, the application form is linked from this page.

Regular Review:  All aspects of this program, including the amount of funding committed to it, will be analyzed and reviewed on a regular basis. The COAP program is an experiment and continued funding is decided year to year.