Enabling access, with a moving target.
How can we know if we’re being successful if we don’t check?
Helping people discover unique experiences from around the globe.
Creating a workplace culture from Dark Matter to Mann Library.
Focusing on the nuts and bolts of archives.
Taking teaching to a new level.
From research butterfly to scholarly services.
Engineer of automation
Creating exhibits to entice the viewer
How do you keep 2.5 million books in order?
How do you set up the online catalog for searching success?  
How can architecture and design inform library spaces?
How do you preserve rare books for the present AND the future?
How do you understand the journey a historical object has taken?
Helping students appreciate the complexity of the human record.
How is cataloging similar to philosophy and engineering?
Shedding light on Cornell's most amazing hidden collections.  
How do you combine your creative passion with your professional life? Who she is: Danielle Mericle, director of the Digital Media Group
How do you find your dream job at the Kheel Center? Who she is: Cheryl Beredo, director of the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives
How do you help build the Library's next-generation search experience? Who he is: Nick Cappadona, interface designer at Mann Library