Library Insider

It’s especially rewarding to work with students, when they’re exposed to special collections for the first time – that never gets old.
The Library has so much to offer and patrons really benefit from having a guide to show the way.
A recognizable and trustworthy face for Olin Library users.
The caliber of research that happens here is incredible. It’s so amazing to be involved in research by Nobel laureates and to support education here at Cornell.
What I do is help make Cornell’s online information more visible, and more usable.
If you want a record of what people were doing in the late 20th and 21st century, you have to keep digital material. 
Revealing the past to save history for the future.
Whether they’re on the sixth floor of the Olin stacks or studying abroad in Asia, library users can get instantaneous information from library staff.
Taking ideas to the next level.
Making scholarship work better.
Pointing students in the right direction.
Enabling access, with a moving target.
How can we know if we’re being successful if we don’t check?
Helping people discover unique experiences from around the globe.
Creating a workplace culture from Dark Matter to Mann Library.
Focusing on the nuts and bolts of archives.
Taking teaching to a new level.
From research butterfly to scholarly services.
Engineer of automation
Creating exhibits to entice the viewer