Staff Profile: Camille Andrews



How can we know if we’re being successful if we don’t check?


Who she is: Camille Andrews, user engagement librarian, Mann Library.

What she does: It’s chiefly assessment and outreach. Part of that is gathering feedback from students on things like study spaces. Students all have their own particular ways of studying. Based on student feedback, we created a continuum of spaces on Mann’s second floor, everything from completely enclosed, private spaces to completely open spaces for both individual and collaborative work.

I’m also part of our core outreach committee. We’re working on enhancing our social media presence, doing things in in student spaces, whether virtual or physical, and gathering information and feedback on an ongoing basis.

Why it’s important: Because of the way the Library is changing, I think it’s even more important than ever that we ask students what they’re thinking, that we look at the ways they’re studying and learning now, and make our spaces and the technology we provide responsive to their needs. How can we know if we’re being successful if we don’t check? The better we understand, the better services we can provide.

Where she comes from: I grew up in Richmond, Va., though I was actually born in Boston and moved back there after college.

Education: I have a degree in comparative literature, with a focus on Francophone African and Caribbean literature, from the College of William and Mary. I went to library school at Simmons College in Boston.

Background: After college I went to the Radcliffe Publishing Course. I worked at a publishing house in Boston for a few years, and then decided to go to library school. I applied for a diversity fellowship at Cornell and got that, figuring I’d be here for two years, and it turned into a full-time job.

Years at Cornell: 11

In her spare time: I mostly read and watch movies. I’m kind of a sci-fi and genre fan.

Best part of her job: I love libraries. I love what they stand for, that emphasis on information and access for everybody. The other thing I love is that it’s never boring, there’s always something new happening. I think libraries are often at the crossroads or the vanguard of change; we’re in a unique position to keep up with the changes in information and help others understand and learn how to deal with them. So I’m always learning something new.

Dream job: My dream would be a combination of what I’m doing now and instructional design, because I’m really excited about what’s happening with online learning.

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