Staff profile: Erin Eldermire

Who she is: Erin Eldermire, Veterinary Outreach and Scholarly Services Librarian

What she does:  My job title says it all! I support research and learning and generally help to bring Cornell’s Library to those in the College of Veterinary Medicine.    

Why it’s important: The College of Veterinary Medicine is full of busy, productive and innovative researchers, teachers and practicing clinicians.  My job is to help them do their jobs even better.  Many people don’t realize that the Library is more than books, that we have services that can help them with every part of their jobs.  So I spend a fair bit of my time reaching out to people and learning about them, then helping them to do the things that are important to them. 

Where she comes from: The heartland! I grew up in Missouri. 

Education: I have a bachelor’s in biology from the University of Montana and a master’s in library and information science from Syracuse University.

Years at Cornell: I’ve been at Cornell for nine years. I moved here to work at the Lab of Ornithology and only meant to stay for two years; I spent five years in bird biology before transitioning to the Library.

Background: I spent nearly a decade as a seasonal biologist, which means I lived and worked in a place for a few months at a time then I’d move to a new location. I worked all over the western U.S. and in Central America – from Alaska to Costa Rica. It was a fun time of my life, and I’d often travel between jobs.  My life was very mobile back then! 

What she’s most proud of: The scope and breadth of library resources. I recently connected with a research group and when I’d help them with one thing, I’d hear about an unrelated issue that they were having and would help them with that, and then another would come up, and on and on it went.  Now their workflow is much improved and they can focus on what they’re here to do.  They were all so happy to have found me, and vice versa.  That’s what I love about working at the Library – we make people happy!

Best part of her job: Being a librarian means I can be a social research butterfly. I get to live vicariously through the cool innovative things that everyone else is researching, which is half the reason I got into librarianship in the first place!

In her spare time: I love traveling and the outdoors: gardening, running, birding, skiing and the like.  My spare time is centered on my family, ideally doing the things that I love with them. 

Dream job: I’d love to figure out a way that I could spend a year in a foreign country as a librarian and take my family with me – a yearlong family sabbatical of sorts.  I think it is so important to have a well-rounded understanding of the world, and working abroad would help me continue to grow in compassion and open-mindedness.  I’m always looking for adventures to take and to me this would be the ultimate adventure! 

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