Staff profile: Pedro Arroyo

Who he is: Pedro Arroyo, acquisitions coordinator for Library Technical Services (LTS)

What he does: I’m involved in a wide variety of acquisitions-related tasks for any new books or materials that come into the Library. So, for example, I train students and staff how to import or create a record that describes an item, and gives information about it in the database.  We then send some of them to the cataloguers, who assign subject headings, because it’s a collaborative effort to make these searchable.

Why it’s important: The better the quality of the records we create, the easier they are to find in the online catalog — so it’s all about helping people get the information what they need.

Where he comes from: Ithaca! I was a faculty brat; my father was in the Romance Studies department. I never strayed very far.

Education: I went to Cornell and graduated in 1996, with a degree in history and English.

Years at Cornell: This is my 17th year in the acquisitions department. For the four years before that, I was a student at Cornell. This job was supposed to be temporary! I’d had a summer job in Kroch Library, and I’d worked with the Echols Collection as a student at the end of my college years. It gave me a taste of the Library: I liked the pace and I liked the people, so the Library became the starting point for my next job.

What he’s most proud of: Another part of my job is writing and editing official documents, like contractual agreements with vendors or LTS documents that are posted online. I’m very proud to have gotten to the point where I’m trusted with creating things that ultimately improve the quality of the outward face of LTS and our acquisitions unit in particular.

A lot of the different tasks I do involve communication, so I like to think I’m a good resource for clearing up misunderstanding and filling in blanks, and improving the quality of our work.

In his spare time: I play guitar and collect antiques, mostly vintage collectibles like typewriter ribbon tins. It’s fun.

Dream job: If I had the discipline, I’d be a writer or a musician. But since I don’t, I’m holding out for someone to find a way to get paid for lounging around, surfing Ebay.

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