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May 11, 2016

  • This story in Wired about arXiv discusses the site’s future, reports on the recent user survey and upcoming 25th anniversary, and quotes Oya Rieger.

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July 22, 2015

July 15, 2015

  • Metropolis Magazine examines plans for the new Ho Fine Arts Library, which, in the writer’s words, “balances the legacy of stacks with the technological imperatives of today’s educational environment.”

  • On the Auburn Citizen’s “Newspapers in Education” blog, a 12-year-old girl describes her favorite spot at Cornell, the A.D. White Library, which has a “cozy feeling that seems extremely fun to study in.”

  • Crazy entions the Library in a story about an arXiv paper on using acoustic sensors to detect stowaways in cargo containers.


June 2015


May 2015


April 14, 2015

  • The Ithaca Journal, the Elmira Star-Gazette and the Cornell Chronicle's Things to Do calendar promoted the flash exhibition of Lincoln materials.
  • Duke Today included Cornell in a story about joining Borrow Direct.
  • The most recent issue of "The Journal of the American Society of Botanical Artists" includes an overview of how Mann's exhibits and outreach programs highlight botanical art and its contribution to science communication. (Take a look at a hard copy of the journal at Mann!)
  • A Cornell Daily Sun columnist mentioned spending time in Libe Café in a column about saying goodbye to Cornell. 
  • Another Daily Sun story offered an alternative to the crowded libraries on campus. 
  • Storify included Mann's seed catalogs in a story about the Biodiversity Heritage Library's "Garden Stories" campaign.
  • Uris and the Law Library both made a Deseret News list of the 27 most beautiful college libraries. 
  • A story on 10,000 Birds cited the Library's catalog entries on penguins. 
  • Silicon Republic and the Weather Network credited the Library with an arXiv paper on a microwave discovery. 
  • And the Chronicle's Essentials blog promoted the new dictionary exhibition in Kroch.

April 8, 2015

April 1, 2015

  • Ezra magazine ran a story on funding the faculty studies in Olin and Kroch.
  • Ezra also published predictions from Cornellians about what their areas of expertise will look like in 2065, and predictions from the Library's Anne Kenney, Xin Li and Danielle Mericle are all included.
  • ​Mann's seed catalogs were featured as part of the Biodiversity Heritage Library's collection in the BHL blog and UpNext, the IMLS blog.​​
  • ​The Cornell Daily Sun wrote a story on the drop in the Library's purchasing power.​
  • ​The Ithaca Voice profiled a homeless researcher who came to Ithaca to use the Library's Sternglass collection.​
  • The Voice also published a satirical letter about what Cornell will look like in 2065, ​and it mentions the Library.​
  • A Sun writer mentioned the Library in a column defending free speech.
  • The Cornell Chronicle's Things to Do calendar included a composers' forum in the Music Library.
  • And the Chronicle's Essentials blog covered RMC's scrapbook of Civil War telegrams.


March 25, 2015

  • ​Coming up on the anniversary of the Triangle Fire, a photo from the Kheel Center was featured in the Huffington Post and the collection was mentioned in the Buffalo News​.
  • The Library's copyright expert, Peter Hirtle, was ​quoted in an Arkansas Online story about a diary being pulled from a library archive.
  • Hirtle also weighed in on a ​Motherboard story about designing rockets.
  • The Cornell Chronicle's most recent "Cornell Rewind" column, co-written by the Library's Elaine Engst, featured Willard Straight. 
  • Hetek wrote something in Hungarian about a 1920 book published by the Library.
  • A Cornell Daily Sun column mentioned bobbing your head to Carly Rae Jepsen in a quiet library.
  • ​And Alejandro Madrid's book talk was featured in the Chronicle's Things to Do calendar and the Ithaca Journal.

March 18, 2015

  • The Library's Eric Acree was included in a Cornell Chronicle roundup of Cook Award recipients.
  • ran a story about the Library's "150 Ways to Say Cornell" exhibition.
  • The Cornell Daily Sun mentioned Mann Library in a story about a new feminist group on campus.
  • And the Chronicle's Essentials blog (formerly known as Shelf Life) covered the Reveal photo exhibit in Mann. 

March 11, 2015

March 4, 2015


February 25, 2015

  • The Cornell Chronicle wrote a story on the Big Red road show, gathering alumni memorabilia for the Library.
  • The Cornell Daily Sun ran a story about a forum on preventing sexual violence that included a photo of and quotes from the Library's Eric Acree.
  • ​The Hip Hop Collection partnered with several other Ithaca organizations to hold a panel on police relationships, and the Southside Community Center featured the HHC's Ben Ortiz on its Facebook page.
  • The Chronicle's "Cornell Rewind" column, written with University Archivist Elaine Engst, addressed the earliest women engineering students.
  • In an obituary for Ernest Sternglass, the Ithaca Journal mentioned his collection in the Library's archives.
  • The Cornell Chronicle also included a link to Sternglass' papers in the Library.
  • The Journal promoted Mann's book talk with Karl Pillemer.
  • The Chronicle's Things to Do calendar included the Pillemer book talk, the Hip Hop Collection's panel on community-police relations and the Africana Library's screening of a documentary on Selma.
  • ​The Cornell Daily Sun mentioned leaving Uris Library at 3 a.m. in a story about campus-wide policies and codes.​​
  • Shelf Life covered Africana's Malcolm X display and Mann's "The World We Live In" exhibition

February 18, 2015

  • TWC News interviewed curator Lance Heidig on the Library's "Lincoln's Unfinished Work" exhibition.
  • The Cornell Chronicle covered Robert Sternberg's book talk in Mann Library last week.
  • The Chronicle also did a story on alumni donating their Cornell treasures to the University Archives.
  • The Daily Item referenced RMC's Rudin and May collections in an item about Black History Month.​
  • An image of a blackboard scanned by the Library is part of a story about digitization and preservation in BMJ.​
  • The obituary for Prof. L. Pearce Williams  ’49 asks that people donate to RMC -- his "second home."
  • The Ithaca Journal wrote about a musical about Willard Fiske, Cornell's first librarian.
  • ​Shelf Life covered the 13th Amendment on display and new library connections with China.​

February 11, 2015

  • The Cornell Daily Sun and Shelf Life covered the new Awesomizer in Olin.​
  • The Cornell Daily Sun did a story on Robert Sternberg's book talk on ​land-grant universities in the modern age.
  • The Chronicle's Things to Do calendar also previewed the book talk.
  • ​The Ithaca Voice described Cornell's hardy librarians in a story about the blizzard of 1993.​
  • The Ithaca Times profiled two staff members from Olin Library who are in a band.
  • ​University Librarian Anne Kenney was quoted in a Pawprint story ​as the chair of Cornell's United Way campaign.
  • ​TEEAL is mentioned in a Cornell Chronicle story about a student honored by Queen Elizabeth.​
  • ​In a Q&A in the Cornell Daily Sun, a student athlete said Mann was involved in his "funniest moment with the basketball team."​
  • And the Cornell Chronicle used a library photo in its "This Week in History" column.


February 4, 2015

  • The Cornell Daily Sun and the Cornell Chronicle covered RMC's new Lincoln exhibition.
  • The Ithaca Times wrote a story on RMC's sesquicentennial exhibition.
  • The Cornell Chronicle wrote a story on Human Ecology's exhibition of historic textiles from the Library's collections.
  • The Flat Hat cited the Library's Hip Hop Collection as inspiration for beginning a collection at the College of William and Mary.
  • The Cornell Daily Sun discussed the renovations of the Fine Arts Library.
  • The Daily Sun also wrote about the Hip Hop Collection digitizing its Adler archive.
  • News about the digitization appeared in lists of library news on the No Shelf Required blog and Against the Grain.
  • WVBR previewed the "Ithaca Guys Read" events, which includes the Africana Library's Eric Acree as a featured reader.
  • School Library Journal's story on "Selma" points to a Cornell LibGuide on Martin Luther King, Jr. 
  • Fast Company used one of the Library's archival photos in a story about the New York Public Library's maps collection.
  • Uris Library made LifeHack's list of the 40 most impressive libraries around the world.
  • The Cornell Chronicle previewed two upcoming talks in Mann on indigenous research approaches.
  • The mealworm-tofu tasting in Mann's lobby was covered by the Cornell Chronicle and the Daily Sun.
  • And the Chronicl​e's Things to Do calendar previewed two book talks and featured an RMC photo of early students in a drawing class.


January 28, 2015

  • The Cornell Chronicle ran a story about the opening of the new "Lincoln's Unfinished Work" exhibition.
  • Cornell during World War I was the subject of the Chronicle's latest "Cornell Rewind" column.
  • Forbes wrote a story on surrealism and the joint Library-Johnson Museum exhibition, and included an image from RMC's collections.
  • The Florida Sun-Sentinel also wrote about the surrealism exhibition and quoted curator Laurent Ferri.
  • Anne Kenney is quoted in a Huffington Post column on how to make the most of your senior year in college.
  • The Cornell Daily Sun wrote about the digitization of the Hip Hop Collection's Adler archive.
  • The most recent library column in Pawprint detailed local-history resources.
  • In an obituary for Henry Bartels, the Cornell Chronicle mentioned he had supported the Library.
  • Eric Acree, head of the Africana Library, was included in an Ithaca Journal story about the "Ithaca Guys Read" project.
  • The Cornell Daily Sun and the Ithaca Journal noted that a community-support meeting for Oluchukwu Onuora '15 would be held in Mann Library.
  • Nature World News cited the Library as the publisher of an arXiv paper about seal whiskers.
  • And two Cornell librarians' introduction of a free screening of "Lincoln" was included in the Ithaca Journal and Shelf Life.

January 21, 2015

  • The Cornell Chronicle covered arXiv's millionth submission.

  • The Chronicle also mentioned that the papers of Anne LaBastille are available through RMC.

  • included the Vet Library in a list of helpful resources.

  • An opinion columnist for The Source remembers being in a library at Cornell when he heard about basketball draft picks. 

  • The Ithaca Voice ran a photo of an old trolley that went past the original college library.

  • Shelf Life addressed the recent HathiTrust decision and promoted the early English newspapers recently added to the Library's digital collections. 

January 15, 2015

  • Several outlets covered arXiv's millionth submission, including:

  • The Ithaca Voice published a story and photos of Uris Library made out of gingerbread.

  • The Ithaca Journal highlighted the "150 Ways to Say Cornell" exhibition in a story about Charter Day weekend festivities.

  • The Ithaca Journal also published a photo of a staff member crossing the Arts Quad on his way to Olin.

  • Michigan Daily mentioned the Library in a story about new HathiTrust developments.

  • And John Savage's obituary, published in the Shepherdstown Chronicle, mentioned his work at the Library.​

January 7, 2015


Final weeks of December

  • NPR did a major feature on the Hip Hop Collection's digitization and care of the Adler archive.
  • Against the Grain announced the news about the Library's new Luce grant to support Chinese conservators working with our preservation experts.
  • The Harvard Gazette announced a crowdsourcing project in collaboration with Cornell and the Biodiversity Heritage Library.
  • The latest Cornell Rewind column in the Cornell Chronicle addressed Eleanor Roosevelt's role in the College of Human Ecology (and featured a great RMC photo of her modeling a gown inBailey Hall). 
  • The Chronicle also mentioned the Library in a story about the Cornell Prison Education Program.
  • The Chronicle's Things to Do calendar featured Mann's science illustration exhibition.
  • Several publications mentioned the Library when reporting on arXiv papers: 
    • UPI, on wearable body cameras
    • The Guardianon the journal Nature’s new ReadCube system
    • GizMag, on using Legos to measure Planck's constant
    • Space Daily, on a possible dark matter signal
    • NewsHub (and more), on NASA images of gallexies colliding
  • Shelf Life focused on author’s rights retention.
  • And the Grunion Gazette mentioned the ghost of Jennie McGraw haunting Olin.

Week of December 3


Week of November 25

  • A Chronicle article discussed the Iceland president’s visit to RMC and his presentation of the Order of the Falcon to Patrick Stevens. Our Facebook post alone about Patrick’s new award reached about 26 thousand people, generated 1,600 clicks on the post, and 638 likes, shares and comments.  Our tweet and its 14 retweets about this honor reached about 100 thousand people.     
  • Shared by multiple outlets, the U. S. Census Bureau’s annual Thanksgiving statistical extravaganza cited several figures from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service maintained by Mann Library.
  • The Ithaca Voice posted a video-heavy story about the marching band’s annual visit to Uris.
  • Material from RMC’s Gettysburg website was quoted in The Poynter Institute’s Today in Media History.
  • Afrika Bambaataa’s archive was featured in an article at Honest Tune.
  • International students were the subject of the latest Cornell Rewind column co-authored by Elaine Engst.
  • The Ithaca Journal mentioned RMC’s “150 Ways to Say Cornell” exhibition.
  • Mann’s piece about Cornell’s Titan Arum was shared at; “Wee Stinky” was also featured in the latest Shelf Life.
  • The Sun included a Mann exhibition in Science Around Ithaca, and their Trustee Viewpoint column listed the library as an option for Senior Class Campaign gifts.
  • USDA VIVO was announced as a networking tool open to the public.
  • Former CULAC member, Abby Milstein was named Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board of the Executive Committee for NYPL according to the Examiner.
  • And Cornell’s purchase of the Huntington Native American collection was referenced in another story about the NYPL at The New York Times.
  • All About Beer Magazine wrote about university beer archives, including the EWGA and the push to collect craft brew material.
  • The 2012 porn video shot in the library was mentioned in a story at The Gleaner.

Week of November 19

  • A story by Carol Kammen in the Ithaca Journal presented information gleaned from club minutes in RMC; she also encouraged organizations to donate their documents to the Library.
  • WSKG produced a segment on the Surrealism and Magic show at Johnson Museum.
  • Library spaces were noted in an article about the need for study space on North Campus in the Sun.
  • A tribute to Anne LaBastille was part of this week’s Things to Do; the listing mentioned her papers in RMC.
  • This week in Cornell history was illustrated by a photo from RMC and referred to Uris Library in the segment on Morris Bishop.
  • MyScience shared the Chronicle’s “150 Ways to Say Cornell” story.
  • Bowdoin College announced it was holding a book launch event for a recent publication from Signale.
  • Harvard Gazette shared Harvard Library’s announcement of their new digital reproduction policy inspired by Cornell’s policy.
  • Jacobin sent readers to DigitalCommons@ILR in the penultimate paragraph of an assessment of the midterm elections while Microwave Journal included a reference to arXiv in an article on Möbius strips.
  • “What Faculty Want Librarians to Know”, a blog post from Against the Grain, started out with an atomic physicist’s daily visits to arXiv.
  • At Dazed Magazine, an article on the best technological memoirs included eCommon’s “The Early Years of Academic Computing: A Collection of Memoirs.”

Week of November 12

  • A reminder of Mann Library’s craft beer exhibit was included in the Ithaca Journal.
  • The Lansing Star announced that IPEI 2014-15 grant recipients include an Ithaca High School social studies teacher who will be bringing her class to Kroch.
  • The Washington Post discussed a recent arXiv article using math to prove “the hipster effect.”
  • The Chronicle announced the president of Iceland’s upcoming visit to campus, which includes a tour of the Fiske Icelandic Collection.
  • The sesquicentennial exhibition in RMC was introduced by stories in the Chronicle and the Sun.
  • More coverage in the Sun: last week’s posthumanities symposium in Kroch was discussed, two of the “most satisfying things every Cornellian should do” involve the library, and Mann Library had a cameo mention.
  • IT@Cornell’s progress report in the Chronicle included a successful partnership with the library on MOOCs.
  • Olin Library’s World War I commemorative projects were part of this week’s Things to Do at the Chronicle.
  • Pawprint featured a profile of Daniel Willard Fiske, the first University Librarian.
  • This week’s Shelf Life shone a spotlight on the Alexander Kluge digital collection.
  • Within days of last week’s Shelf Life announcing the Hydraulic Fracturing in New York State Web Archive, readers submitted a handful of website suggestions.
  • The blog A Catholic Citizen in America again referred readers to an article in arXiv, and a post at Edublog was illustrated with a photo from the library’s flickr account.
  • The Thanksgiving edition of Health News Digest included a reference to a USDA report at the library.

Week of November 5


Week of October 29

Week of October 22

  • Also seen at INFOdocket, Harvard Library states that their new policy on the use of digital reproductions in the public domain was “inspired by pioneering policies…at Cornell University Library.” Peter Hirtle and Sarah Thomas are included in the statement.
  • The Los Angeles Times included Cornell in a story about the Yongle Encyclopedia volume discovered at Huntington Library.
  • The Chronicle ran the first in a series of columns co-written by Elaine Engst.
  • MIT News announced Borrow Direct Plus.
  • Afrika Bambaataa and his archive received attention from Canadian newspapers Vancouver Sun and Leader-Post.
  • This week’s Chats in the Stacks were listed in the Ithaca Journal and the Chronicle.
  • Shelf Life brought attention to Open Access Week.
  • Stories at both the Sun and the Chronicle had brief references to the Library.

Week of October 15

  • Dr. Maurice Tauber’s obituary, which suggests memorial donations to the Library, was carried by the Daily Democrat and Central Valley Business Times.
  • An anecdote about a Noble Prize winner’s visit to the Library in search of the longest thesis was included in stories at the Chronicle and The Ithaca Voice.
  • On Oct. 23, Boris Michev will be presenting on maps and lies as part of the Kitchen Theatre's Lonely Planet production.
  • The Sun discussed a proposal to improve lighting on Libe Slope. Libe Slope also shows up at InfoBarrel in an article about one of Thomas Pynchon’s works.
  • Shelf Life featured the Hip Hop Collection’s online exhibition for the 30th anniversary of Def Jam.

Week of October 8

  • Inside Higher Ed gave a nod to 2CUL in an article about improving discovery services.
  • The Linked Data for Libraries project had a brief mention in The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • The Ithaca Voice spotlighted Uris Library on Throwback Thursday. Anne Kenney had a quote in that story and also in a Chronicle story about the United Way campaign.
  • The Chronicle story about the new Borrow Direct Plus program was marked as an editor’s pick.
  • This week’s Things to Do from the Chronicle featured several RMC events.
  • The Sun included “your favorite study spot in the library” in The Freshman 15 and described assistance to get a “busy student…back to the library” in “What is a D.O.?” Stories from a Cornellian. It also had a feature on the Surrealism and Magic exhibition.
  • The Cornell Review’s second issue of the year had a cover story about the anonymous flyers found in Olin Library and Catherwood Library.
  • News from the SAA listed recipients of Digital Archives Specialist Certificates, including the Kheel Center’s Barb Morley.
  • Mann Library’s video contest was the topic of this week’s Shelf Life.

Week of October 1

  • Eric Acree’s role in the prerelease screening of “Civil Warriors” at Cinemapolis was included in Ithaca Journal’s Film Briefs as well as their story on TCPL’s Lincoln events last weekend.
  • The Review Blog discussed the anonymous pamphlets found in Olin Library and other campus locations.  They also posted an update.
  • RMC received a brief mention in a Chronicle story about a tour of Ezra Cornell sites in Washington, D.C. The Chronicle also covered Vietnam veteran Gus Kappler’s presentation, co-sponsored by RMC.
  • The Chronicle’s list of Things to Do for this week included Adelson Library’s passenger pigeon book display and a talk by John Savage who participated in the 2012 panel “Punk: An Aesthetic.”
  • Shelf Life encouraged readers to visit Mann Library’s display of items from Charotte Jirousek’s personal library.
  • Another blog post at A Catholic Citizen in America referred readers to a resource at arXiv.


Week of September 24

  • The Cornell Daily Sun, The Ithaca Voice (twice), WHCU and Ithaca Journal all had stories about the theft of rare Chinese books from Kroch Library.
  • The Cornell Daily Sun also included a profile of Danielle Mericle and references to the library in a blog post about the Big Red Ambition list.
  • Eric Acree’s role in the prerelease screening of “Civil Warriors” at Cinemapolis is mentioned at The Ithaca Voice and the Chronicle’s Things to Do list.
  • Olin Library was noted as a location where anonymous pamphlets were found in stories at The Ithaca Voice and The College Fix.
  • The Chronicle’s “Cornell Now” story, which included mention of Library collections, was picked up by the Ithaca Journal.
  • InfoDocket shared the announcement of the 2014 awards for Digital Projects in Arts and Sciences.
  • Upcoming Chats in the Stacks book talks are noted in the Chronicle’s list of Things to Do for this week.
  • Shelf Life reminded readers of the New Student Reading Project display in Uris.
  • The University of Pennsylvania’s Almanac noted that Johns Hopkins University has joined BorrowDirect.

Week of September 17

Week of September 10

  • WICB invited Evan Earle to discuss the Eastern Wine and Grape Archive’s interest in collecting craft brew material.
  • Afrika Bambaataa’s collection in RMC was mentioned in an NPR story which was carried by multiple public radio outlets.
  • Lab Manager shared the announcement of our joint project with UCAR and UNAVCO.
  • referred to the Library in connection with the Surrealism and Magic exhibit at the Johnson Museum.
  • Fine Arts Library was included in an article about Sibley Hall in the Chronicle.
  • Management Library’s second place position on the list of 12 exceptional business school libraries popped up again, this time at CEOWORLD Magazine.
  • A newly elected graduate/professional student trustee invited Cornell Daily Sun readers to her office hours in Olin’s café.

Week of September 3

  • On Sunday, Sept. 7, at 8:00 p.m., the National Geographic channel will air 9/10: The Final Hours; footage includes images and supporting documentation from Nestlé Library’s Windows on the World archives.
  • Our joint project with UCAR and UNAVCO, funded by the National Science Foundation’s EarthCube Initiative, has been announced by UCAR.
  • The Ithaca Journal and other Gannett newspapers carried a story about the Eastern Wine and Grape Archive’s exploration into collecting craft brew material.
  • The Hip Hop Collection was mentioned in a Boston Globe article about Afrika Bambaataa’s album collection. The same album collection was also featured at Pollstar with a brief mention of the Library.
  • A Chronogram story about Cornell Cooperative Extension referred readers to RMC’s Liberty Hyde Bailey online exhibit.
  • The library is #3 on AlterNet’s list of the weirdest places people have had sex; the story was also posted on Salon as a history of porn in holy places.
  • The Johnson Museum of Art exhibition “Surrealism and Magic,” a collaboration between the museum and RMC, was included in Apollo Magazine's agenda and the Chronicle’s Things to do for this week.
  • Thanks to Martha Walker, ARLIS/NA Upstate New York shared the announcement about the recent alumna gift to Fine Arts Library.


Week of August 26

Week of August 13

  • An episode of Crate Diggers featured Bambaataa’s archive with shooting locations in RMC and the Annex and star-quality commentary from Ben Ortiz.
  • The Hip Hop Collection also gets some attention in this blog post titled The biography I’m waiting for: Bambaataa and the parallel universe of hip hop.
  • The Chronicle ran an article about the Kheel Center’s project to digitize fragile ILR School audio.
  • Expanded pickup locations for Borrow Direct items was announced in Shelf Life.
  • A selection from the A. D. White Architectural Photographs collection was included in flickr’s Throwback Thursday “housing of the past” exploration.

Week of August 6

  • TEEAL and Research4Life were discussed in a blog post about public access at the Scholarly Kitchen.
  • In the BBC’s technology section, a fascinating story about robots is based on a paper on arXiv; it also includes an explanation of the service as well as a quote from the Physics arXiv blog, an independent blog covering “the best new ideas from”
  • The Purdue Exponent ran a report about the 30 most impressive business school libraries focusing on Purdue’s Parrish Library and mentioning Cornell’s Management Library as one of the others in the list.
  • A print of James K. Polk from RMC illustrated a story about tariffs at Forbes.
  • An InsuranceNewsNet article cited a USDA report accessed via the library catalog.
  • Two exhibits in Mann Library are included in the Chronicle’s Things to Do list for August 1 – 22.


Week of July 29

  • The American University of Beirut Libraries joined the Arabic Collections Online project and Cornell’s library was referred to as a project partner in the announcement shared at locations such as AMEinfo and The Daily Star.
  • ran a story about Big Red Bikes, mentioning Mann Library and Uris Library as bike rack locations.
  • Management Library was ranked the second most impressive university business school library by Business Research Guide.
  • Slate’s history blog featured A. J. Liebling and included images from RMC’s A. J. Liebling Collection.
  • And a New York Times science story called attention to an arXiv article.

Week of July 23

  • The July/August issue of Edible Finger Lakes featured an article by Janet McCue. “Hiking to Eat” described her trek through the Finger Lakes at the beginning of her retirement; accompanying photos include other library staff. Another article in the issue – “Cornell Chicken: A Central New York Classic” – mentioned that the Cornell bulletin with Professor Baker’s recipe is one of the top twenty downloaded resources from the library. (not available online, see Mann Library for a physical copy)
  • The Digital Public Library of America’s tweet about a new set of images from our Hip Hop collection was retweeted by Tim Carmody to his over 17,000 followers.
  • The bookbinding and papermaking exhibition in Uris Library was promoted in Shelf Life.
  • An item from the Annex was cited in an essay at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Week of July 16

  • Two stories about the Robert Trent Jones collection in Kroch Library were published in the Ithaca Journal and were shared by other Gannett outlets. One of the stories features Liz Muller along with Elaine Engst and Lee Cartmill.
  • Research published in arXiv is the focus of a Huffington Post article about an algorithm that finds the most beautiful route rather than the shortest route; the research was also mentioned in other locations including the NY Daily News and South Africa’s The New Age.
  • In a blog post about the history of veterinary medicine, a Cornell faculty member mentions the Vet Library.
  • The Pulpasia! exhibition in Kroch Asia is the topic of this week’s Shelf Life.
  • A photograph from the Library’s collection accompanies a Forbes story about the Vanderbilt family.
  • Images from the Kheel Center’s Triangle Fire resources help illustrate “The Secret History of Emergency Exits” on Gizmodo.
  • And according to the Newfield High School valedictorian said he’ll be studying in Mann Library for the next four years.

Week of July 9

Week of July 2


Week of June 25

  • A lovely blog post from a Cornell computer science student proclaims Strangely, I Miss Cornell’s Library This Summer.
  • The Chronicle story about the hiring of Anne Sauer, the first named director of the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, was shared by News Locker and Cornell’s Graduate School.
  • The Chronicle mentioned Africana library in a story about a new endowment for the Africana Studies and Research Center.
  • Shelf Life highlighted Olin and Uris libraries’ summer workshops on digital scholarship.
  • Jason Kovari’s upcoming presentation on consultative metadata service was announced on the Metadata Blog.
  • An excerpt of Peter Hirtle’s deposition in the HathiTrust suit was remarked upon by the blog Five Useful Articles.
  • Even more coverage of the HathiTrust decision with mention of Cornell, this time from WORLD.
  • ArXiv resources were cited in articles on Xataka and The Huffington Post.
  • shared material from the Human Sexuality Collection in a story about the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.
  • And The Ithaca Voice noted usage of Cornell’s library by high school students in a story about an investigation.

Week of June 18

  • Rolling Stone talked about the Hip Hop Collection in a story about artists touring with Afrika Bambaataa's vinyl collection.
  • The Cornell Chronicle covered the hiring of Anne Sauer, the first named director of the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections.
  • Ezra magazine included the birth of 2CUL as a "eureka moment" in its most recent cover story. (Check out No. 18.)
  • The Signal, the Library of Congress' digital preservation blog, cited two library staff members' presentation on the Goldsen New Media Archive.
  • TechDirt praised the copyright chart by Peter Hirtle, the Library's copyright expert.
  • The "Great War" maps exhibition in Olin is included on John Docktor's authoritative calendarof map-related exhibitions all over the world.
  • Several more outlets mentioned Cornell in their coverage of the HathiTrust decision, including Insurance Journal and Rocket News, and dozens of outlets are still running last week's Associated Press story.
  • And CALS' Notes blog covered Mann's reunion event about brewing beer in New York State.

Week of June 12

  • ​The Library was listed among the members of HathiTrust in many stories about the decision in the Authors' Guild lawsuit, in outlets including the Associated Press, The Guardian, Ars Technica, and more.
  • ​The ​​Cornell Chronicle wrote a story on ​​ medals presented to Van Rensselaer and Rose by the king of Belgium, which were ​restored by the Library's conservators and will be cared for in RMC.
  • ​The Chronicle​ also included information about the Human Sexuality Collection exhibition in a story on the LGBT alumni coming to reunion.
  • In a story about Pennsylvania's agricultural history, Gant Daily interviewed a researcher who talked about her work in Mann Library.
  • ​Sound and Vision described Afrika Bambaataa's vinyl collection, which is part of the Hip Hop Collection.
  • ​And the Library was mentioned in a Cornell Chronicle story about open-access efforts on campus.​

Week of June 4

  • The most recent Ezra update ran a feature story about the Library's Dan McKee and the 1886 notebook he found in Tokyo.
  • ​Civil War News wrote a story on the 8 millionth volume. (Not available online; email libcomm[at] if you'd like to see the PDF!)​
  • ​The Cornell Chronicle's Things to Do calendar mentioned three separate reunion-related events at multiple libraries.
  • ​Shelf Life also previewed reunion at the Library.​
  • And on Twitter, about 50 people retweeted the Library's message to graduates:
    Congratulations to the Class of 2014! All those late nights of studying in the Library were worth it.


Week of May 28

  • The Department of Labor blog featured Catherwood Library's part of the national "Books that Shaped Work in America" project.
  • Esquire singled out Afrika Bambaataa's vinyl archive at Cornell as an example of the world's most obsessive album collectors.
  • Library Journal's InfoDocket wrote a story on the new interim scientific director of arXiv.
  • Against the Grain also featured the arXiv news.
  • ​The International Business Times mentioned the Library in a story about an arXiv paper ​ on quantum cameras and smartphones​.​​
  • ​Assessment & Communication's Erin Eldermire was featured in a Cornell Chronicle story about staff members earning advanced degrees.
  • The Cornell Chronicle's Things to Do calendar featured the falconry display in Mann Library.

Week of May 21

  • The Cornell Chronicle wrote a story on a research-skills course co-taught by two Olin reference librarians.
  • The Ithaca Journal published a history of Ithaca's libraries.
  • In Texas, the Waxahachie Daily News cited the Kheel Center's Triangle Fire resources in a story about a new one-act play.
  • VG24/7 cited arXiv in a story about money laundering in video games.
  • A story in The Verge opened with an example of trashy paperbacks in the Library's rare collections.
  • The Cornell Chronicle's Things to Do calendar used a Carl Sagan photo from Olin Library.
  • And Shelf Life covered the new photo installation on the second floor of Olin.

Week of May 14

  • The Cornell Daily Sun cites the Library frequently in a story about open-access policy.
  • The Sun also ran a Q&A about arXiv and recent open-access developments.
  • University World News mentioned arXiv in a story wondering about the end of academic journal editors.
  • HNGN noted the Library's involvement with arXiv in a story about a paper on rock-paper-scissors strategy.
  • Both the Ithaca Journal and the Veritas blog wrote about the original Cornell Library downtown.
  • The Ithaca Journal also mentioned the Library in a story about a former head reference librarian in Olin volunteering at the Ulysses Library.
  • Library Journal's InfoDocket plugged an article about 2CUL co-authored by the Library's Jim LeBlanc.
  • The Box Turtle Bulletin described Bruce Voeller's collection in the Human Sexuality Collection.
  • Many local outlets in the Northeast, including WNCT, ran a story about new members of the CLIR board, including University Librarian Anne Kenney.
  • The Cornell Chronicle's history column used RMC's scan of a historic letter to Ezra Cornell.
  • And a columnist in the Cornell Daily Sun commented about Mann's ID card policy and library conversations.

Week of May 7

  • Publisher's Weekly cited the Library's Signale series as an example of a successful publishing partnership.
  • The Cornell Chronicle covered an event about a student magazine for undergrad research held in Mann.
  • The Cornell Chronicle previewed Friday's book talk on 3D printing.
  • An ASU News story about graduates of the Class of 2009 includes a quote from Mann's Kelee Pacion.
  • The Personandata blog featured a presentation on the Vet Library and HathiTrust.
  • Chronogram published a photo of a steam locomotive from RMC.
  • And the Chronicle also included a portrait of President Jacob Gould Schurman from RMC.
  • Shelf Life covered the union label project from the Kheel Center.


Week of April 30

Week of April 16 & 23

  • The Cornell Chronicle and the Cornell Daily Sun both wrote stories on the Library's celebration of Shakespeare's 450th birthday.
  • The Chronicle also celebrated long-serving staff members, including the Library's Kadri Sercan, who has been here for 40 years.
  • The Tufts Daily ran an announcement that Anne Sauer is leaving to become the head of the Library's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections.
  • In School Library Journal, an author noted that she first heard of the topic of her new book — pellagra, a potentially fatal disease — when browsing in the stacks at Cornell University Library.
  • Cornell Law School's Tumblr reviewed a library speaker series talk on Supreme Court justices.
  • Business Insider named Uris one of the 16 coolest college libraries.
  • mentioned Ezra Cornell and early library contributions in a feature story about the 150th anniversary of the Tompkins County Public Library.
  • The SLA blog announced that the Library's Jim Del Rosso is running for president of the board of directors.
  • advertised a Mann book talk on falconry.
  • The Cornell Chronicle's Things to Do calendar listed a book talk on international developmjent.
  • The Library appeared in a Cornell Daily Sun columnist's look back at her freshman year.
  • The Sun also mentioned Africana's Eric Acree giving the keynote address on the anniversary of the Willard Straight takeover,
  • The Boston Globe referenced Cornell's copy of the Gettysburg Address (and reprinted its text) in a story following a new Ken Burns documentary.
  • And Shelf Life covered World Book Night and the 100th anniversary of Hu Shih's graduation. The latter has also gone viral on the Library's Facebook page, having reached way over 16,000 people.

Week of April 9

Week of April 2

  • The Washington Blade ran a column by Kate Clinton, who came to the Human Sexuality exhibition opening and interviewed curator Brenda Marston.
  • Susie Bright's blog also ran the story, plus several photos of the exhibition opening and events.
  • And Brenda Marston was quoted on YubaNet.
  • The Cornell Chronicle described a collection of presidential textiles that were recently donated to the Library by John Cawley, professor of policy analysis and management and of economics in the College of Human Ecology.
  • eWallStreeter picked up that story as well.
  • Library Journal's InfoDocket publicized the new Ithaka S+R brief written by University Librarian Anne Kenney.
  • The Cornell Chronicle described the upcoming book talk by Gavriel Shapiro.
  • And a columnist for the Cornell Daily Sun predicted that no one will go to the library once it's spring.


Week of Mar. 26

  • The National Endowment for the Humanities blog detailed Cornell's role in preserving agricultural literature.
  • The Cornell Chronicle reported on the book talk about Flemmie Kitrell, the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. in nutrition.
  • The Chronicle's Things to Do calendar also promoted an upcoming film screening co-sponsored by Catherwood and the Kheel Center.
  • Against the Grain and KnowledgeSpeak reported on the Library and rising journal costs.
  • The Library got a small mention in a WHCU Morning Newswatch story about the Boyce-Thompson Institute.
  • Leisure Week mentioned the Library in a story about Afrika Bambaataa proposing a hip-hop museum in the Bronx.
  • The Melville House blog displayed a photo of University Librarian Anne Kenney with a ship's librarian on a SUNY Maritime vessel.
  • February's Ezra Update ran a story about CAPE's fundraising for the Library's campaign.
  • And Shelf Life covered the new art installation in Olin's basement hallway.

Week of Mar. 19

  • The Ithaca Journal wrote a major feature story on the Human Sexuality Collection's 25th-anniversary exhibition and opening events.
  • The exhibition was also covered in the Cornell Chronicle and Elma Yedda Gonzalez's blog (with video).
  • Library Journal's InfoDocket and the Cornell Daily Sun reported on the Library's escalating journal costs.
  • The Daily Sun explained why there are so many buildings named "Olin."
  • And a Daily Sun columnist mentioned the Africana Library's celebration of desegregation heroes on campus.
  • Back in February, NPR's Code Switch blog used an image from the Hip Hop Collection in a story about hip-hop flyers. The story was reprinted on blogs for WEMU and other local stations.

Week of Mar. 13

  • The Cornell Chronicle covered the upcoming events surrounding the Human Sexuality Collection exhibition.
  • Against the Grain covered Anne Kenney's ALA award.
  • A film screening co-sponsored by the Math Library was advertised in the Cornell Chronicle's Things to Do calendar.
  • A Cornell Daily Sun columnist named Uris Library as his favorite place to be alone on campus.
  • The Sun also wrote about students discussing Adderall in Olin and a hypothetical Hogwarts MOOC set in A.D. White.
  • HipHopDX mentioned Afrika Bambaataa's connection to the Library.
  • described an artist's preservation work in the Library in a story about a new show.
  • CityBizList, Virtual Strategy and several other business-centered mentioned Jay Walker as the co-chair of the Library's campaign.
  • And Shelf Life covered the new art display at Adelson Library.

Week of Mar. 6

  • Slate ran a library image of a "Coffin Handbill" created by Andrew Jackson's enemies.
  • The Cornell Alumni Magazine ran a photo and blurb about the 8 millionth volume celebration.
  • The Cornell Chronicle's Things to Do calendar included Harry Greene's book talk at Mann.
  • And the Chronicle's "Week in Pictures" slideshow included an image of the 8 millionth volume.
  • The British Fortean Times mentioned the celebrated" and "remarkable" witchcraft collection at Cornell (and, according to our sources, the author of the article is no other than Gary Lachman, one of the founders, and bassist for the Alternative rock/New Wave band "Blondie"!)
  • An article the French newspaper Liberation mentioned the webcam exploits in the Library last year.
  • A columnist in the Cornell Daily Sun claimed he was kicked out of Olin for trying to lick someone's hair.
  • The Sun also mentioned the Library in the context of "Haven"'s name change.
  • And Shelf Life noted the many ways people can access the original text of "12 Years a Slave" through the Library.


Week of Feb. 26

Week of Feb. 19

  • In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Prof. Claire Potter wrote a column on the Human Sexuality Collection's 25th anniversary and included video interviews about the collection.
  • The Cornell Chronicle ran a story on Anne Kenney winning ALA's Hugh Atkinson award, and several other outlets — including Digital Koans, Chicago Libraries Examiner and ARL News — covered it as well.
  • Africana's Eric Acree appeared on WHCU's radio show, "All Things Equal."
  • The Chronicle's Things to Do calendar previewed the Speaking of Sex exhibition and the 8 millionth volume celebration.
  • also featured an image from the volume as its main image on the homepage.
  • The Star Gazette and other Gannett papers featured one of the Library's archival photos of a historic firehouse.
  • And Shelf Life asked for contributions to Catherwood Library's new "Books that Shaped Work in America" list.

Week of Feb. 12

  • The Cornell Daily Sun wrote a story on the Library's 8 millionth volume.
  • The Cornell Chronicle featured the 8 millionth volume, too.
  • The Chronicle also ran a story about Prof. John Reps, whose travel slides were brought to life by the Library's DSPS, RMC, and Fine Arts staff.
  • On Twitter, two NPR reporters and Cornell alumni — David Folkenflik and David Gura — retweeted news about the 8 millionth volume to their nearly 30,000 total followers!
  • Mann's Mary Ochs is quoted in a Times of India story on a two-day collaborative workshop.
  • Moneylife previewed the workshop as well.
  • The Ithaca Journal previewed a talk on the Library's Lincoln collections given by librarian Lance Heidig.
  • The Cornell Chronicle wrote an obituary for animal physiologist Ari van Tienhoven, who was a consistent presence in Mann and an important library donor.
  • The Chronicle's Things to Do calendar previewed two book talks this week.
  • And the Library supplied the Chronicle with an aerial photo of Cayuga Lake.
  • In the Detroit Free Press (and other Gannett papers), the Africana Library is credited with sponsoring a film institute for Black History Month.
  • An arXiv paper — credited to the Library — was cited in a story about black holes in theInternational Business Times.
  • And Pawprint ran a timely story on Valentine's Day resources from the Library.

Week of Feb. 5

  • Library Journal's InfoDocket covered the 8 millionth volume announcement.
  • A writer for the Burlington County Times praised Mann Library's Kitchen Gardens exhibition.
  • The Cornell Chronicle's Things to Do calendar encouraged people to visit the Hip Hop Collection exhibition before it comes down.
  • And the Chronicle also mentioned Ben Ortiz, Hip Hip Collection curator, who moderated a hip-hop engineer's symposium.
  • A columnist for the Post-Journal described the Library during his time at Cornell in the 1960s.
  • The Cornell Daily Sun explained the "library" in "Libe Slope."
  • In a story about an art video shot in Columbia's library, the Huffington Post referenced the provocative videos shot in Cornell libraries in 2012.
  • The Cornell Daily Sun mentioned Uris' printing lab.
  • And Shelf Life asked people to try out the new beta search with the bento-box results.


Week of Jan. 29

  • The Cornell Daily Sun wrote a story on the power outage on North Campus and interviewed several library staff and students in Olin and Uris.
  • The Sun also named two librarians who helped create an AEM course.
  • And a Sun columnist used a library scenario to discuss the implications of Justin Bieber's recent actions.
  • WVBR interviewed Hip Hop Collection curator Ben Ortiz.
  • A blog called Gherkins & Tomatoes mentioned the Library's digitized cookbook collection.
  • Shelf Life asked for submissions for RMC's upcoming Speaking of Sex exhibition.

Week of Jan. 22

  • SciDevNet ran a story about TEEAL's major new Gates grant.
  • A blog called Stephen's Lighthouse copied a story on 28 beautiful libraries that features a photo of the A.D. White Library.
  • The Telegraph cited the arXiv paper on time travel, crediting the Library.
  • And Italy's Panorama also said something (in Italian, of course) about time travel and the Library.

Week of Jan. 15

Week of Jan. 8

  • The Cornell Chronicle ran a story about the Kheel Center's new grant to preserve and digitize 1,500 labor-management agreements.
  • The Cornell Alumni Magazine included a photo of a student studying in the Law Library.
  • The Colbert Report cited a paper on arXiv (clip starts around 12:15).
  • A Buzzfeed roundup of beautiful quotes and libraries used a photo of the A.D. White Room.
  • In the Cape Cod Times, a column on perfect sentences in books includes one about Cornell's library slope."National Geographic cites arXiv in a story on scientists moving levitating objects through space.
  • And Shelf Life covered an IMLS grant to help the BHL create a purposeful gaming platform with digital content (including seed catalogs and nursery catalogs from the Library's collections).