Need access to digital resources? So did Malcolm.

"My FWS is split into four rotating project groups: there’s a record label that does market research; a band that’s using pocket operators and sequencer to cover Romantic-era poetry; a club group that needs to research ‘looks’ and map existing nightclubs in cities; and a magazine group that looks at back issues of i-DNME, and a few zines to make their own issue.

Having expanded digital collections through HathiTrust has been essential for making these groups work. I’m able to provide direct links to marketing textbooks, drum programming tutorials, and even some musty guides on crafting perfect pop songs. The results speak for themselves; I’m not sure this is what Charlotte Smith had in mind when she wrote her sonnets but we should embrace the fruits of an unconventional time and library. Better yet, I’ve been able to request scans of rare large format books on global night life and ‘80s fashion from the Fine Arts Library. The best resource, however, has been our digital exhibit on Robert Moog; it was amazing to talk about Yellow Magic Orchestra and Kraftwerk in class and then let students know Cornell (and Trumansburg’s) part in that history."—Malcolm Bare, English PhD candidate