Need a book Cornell doesn't have? So did Isadora.

“I remember once freshman year I was in the preliminary stages of writing a research paper, looking up different publications. I quickly came to realize that a few of the books I really needed weren't available at Cornell. I was pretty frantic so I logged onto the 24 hour chat through Cornell’s library website, a tool I remember my FWS Professor mentioning in class. I was talking to a librarian within two minutes. They assured me that because of the Borrow Direct program that Cornell has, I was actually able to get the books I wanted because Dartmouth and Columbia had some copies. I was able to pick up the books about a week later. At Cornell, I oftentimes find myself staying in the library into the wee hours of the night. I can’t always get a hold of a librarian if they’ve already left the information desk so this is a pretty awesome tool!”