Need digital tools for poetics? So did Ama Bemma.

"For the past few months, I have been working on a digital humanities project titled 'The Global Poetics Project.' As a PhD student in the English department, I have been working towards making a digital tool that both aids in my research and looks at the large sweep of Anglophone poets who have been producing work since the 1960s. The tool aims to render visible their relationships with other poets, presses, and, more importantly, geographical spaces. In order to properly convey these relationships through a mapped rendering of what could potentially become a large database, I needed to use digital tools. Through a summer fellowship in the digital humanities funded by the Society for the Humanities and Cornell University Library, I was able to learn about tools that I had never used before, such as Standard Query Language and Python. At every step of this project, I was able to meet with librarians who not only helped me with my work but also pointed me in new and interesting directions. This project would not be where it’s at without the assistance of Cornell librarians."