Need to do research away from campus? So did Vanessa.

"This semester was one of the semesters in which my classes focused on writing, research, and long term papers that required important background information. I took advantage of the great resource pages that the university librarians prepared for my Migrations: A Global, Interdisciplinary, Multi-species Examination class and Global Studies Gateway class. These pages as well as the webpage “Hybrid Library for a Hybrid Semester” helped me to find important and personalized library services such as personal meeting times with librarians. I was able to quickly schedule a meeting with a librarian to work on my research paper on decolonizing security studies through the lens of migration. I also found important information about remote access for databases through PassKey, which has become so helpful to me as I’ve moved back home to my permanent residence. Thank you, Cornell University Library!"—Vanessa Olguin '22, College Scholar and government major