Need help with digital humanities research? So did Ishaan.

“I’ve been working with a Comparative Literature professor on a project currently titled ‘Blackness in the Archive.’ We are trying to make a claim about how blackness has been treated in the Science Fiction canon, to what extent it has been ignored/glossed over etc. To make a claim across such a large corpus of texts you need some help from a computer. That is why I am helping; because of my background in Computer Science and my interest in the Digital Humanities. To begin any project in the Digital Humanities you need reams and reams of data: books, articles, essays, short stories, etc. You also need these texts in a digitized format that is computer-readable. I wouldn’t have known where to start looking for these texts, much less digitized versions of them had it not been for the willing assistance of Cornell librarians.” Ishaan Jhaveri, ’17, Computer Science