Need help finding articles? So did Alysse.

I was working on a project with Dr. Susanne Bruyere from ILR’s Yang-Tan Institute that required searching for empirical articles documenting disability bias in the workforce and the effectiveness of interventions. I was specifically looking for authors doing research on workplace bias, methods to identify bias, common places for bias, and policies being used to address it. I had never tried to search for empirical articles before, so I contacted librarians in Catherwood Library for research assistance with online databases or text sources. During an in-person research consultation, the librarian walked me through the research process by discussing research strategies, search terms, and sources. He answered all of my questions and provided a detailed email summary of our meeting afterwards with links to online databases. Catherwood’s appointments and walk-in hours will provide me a great resource for my future research and academic papers!” Alysse Merila, ’20, ILR