Need help finding more articles? So did Abigail.

“I decided to write a paper on the politics of coffee in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but quickly realized that the one article I was basing my argument off of wouldn't be enough. I set up a meeting, and when I arrived the librarian already had 2 articles printed out, and within 45 minutes she walked me through how to find all the sources I needed. When I needed help finding a source I couldn't locate, I followed up with the librarian and she found it and sent it back to me within the hour. She probably saved me 10 hours, an infinite amount of stress, and with her help I've found great sources for any project. At the end of a long semester and a crazy finals week, I was so grateful to have had her as a resource and haven't hesitated to ask for help since then!” Abigail Cutler, ’18, ILR.