Need help with interactive data tools? So did Molly.

“For my Schools, Community, and Policy reform course, I had to do a lot of research for my final project on rural schools in Texas. My partner and I decided to make a website with information and data tools that educators and education advocates could use to make informed policy decisions, which involved developing data tools that would map different demographic and funding information on interactive maps. These maps would help establish trends, and display how different schools in rural Texas are from their urban counterparts. I had almost no experience with developing data tools, especially with GIS software, so I reached out to Keith Jenkins, the GIS and geospatial applications librarian. He was extremely helpful and walked me through each step of layering maps and data using Tableau. If it weren’t for his help, I never would have been able to make the data tools for my project!”—Molly Bergin ’19, policy management and analysis major