Need help navigating databases? So did Milam.

“I was struggling to write a research paper for a class on ancient Chinese medicines. A classmate recommended this database as a resource, saying he found a lot of good articles on it for the paper. But I was not so lucky, and I couldn’t seem to find anything relevant. Eventually, I asked a librarian for help. I told her the topic of my paper and what I had been searching so far. She was so helpful! It turns out I wasn’t navigating the database in the most effective way. Not only did she immediately find me many great sources for my paper, but she also showed me how best to search the database and what keywords to use in the future. I’m so glad I came to her instead of giving up on the database when I was struggling with it, because otherwise I would’ve missed out on the amazing sources I found.” Milam Milhouse, ’19, Information Science and Asian Studies-China