Need to research on artists? So did Vaidehi.

“I needed a wide variety of information about two contemporary artists, Rineke Dijkstra and Jaishri Abichandani, for a presentation the following week. A meeting with Marsha Taichman [visual resources librarian at the fine arts library] proved to be immensely helpful. She showed me how to get books from other schools related to the topics I wanted via the library’s Borrow Direct program and also helped me get scans of the books I wouldn’t have received in time. I ended up finding some really obscure prints of the artists’ works, which, perhaps, I wouldn’t have been able to find online and with as much information. Ordering books from the library also made my task easier because I already had the formats for the citations for each of the books, articles, and scans available online! The library and its resources proved immensely helpful in getting me good grades in my class!”—Vaidehi Reddy ’22, fine arts student