Cornell University Library and Duke University Press Announce Partnership

Terry Ehling
Cornell University  Library

Erich Staib
Duke University Press

ITHACA, NY and DURHAM, NC, USA (April 11, 2008) – In a  publishing agreement that reaches across boundaries by bringing together a  leading U.S. academic research library and one of the nation’s outstanding  university presses, Cornell University Library (Cornell) and Duke University  Press (Duke) today announced that they have established a joint venture to  expand and enhance the services of Project Euclid, the premier online  information community for mathematics and statistics resources from independent  publishers.

Effective July 2008, Duke will provide publishing expertise  in marketing, sales and order fulfillment to Project Euclid’s participating  publishers and institutional subscribers. Duke will work to broaden and deepen  Project Euclid’s subscriber base, resulting in greater global exposure for 54  journals and a growing number of monographs and conference proceedings. Cornell  will continue to provide and support the vital IT infrastructure for Project  Euclid and assume responsibility for archiving and preservation activities,  ensuring robust and reliable access to the content deposited with Project  Euclid for future scholars, researchers and students.

Now home to 93,000 journal articles (75% of which are open  access), along with 60 monographs and conference proceedings, Project Euclid  and its partner publishers will benefit from Duke’s commitment to Project  Euclid’s mission and from the Press’s publishing proficiency, reputation for quality  consciousness, and university-based value system.  Duke’s recent initiative to expand its  journals publishing program into science, technology and medicine further ensures  that together the Cornell University Library and Duke University Press will achieve  Project Euclid’s goal to become a primary “destination site” for mathematicians  and statisticians.

“A collaboration that pairs the complementary strengths of a  leading research library and a university press from different universities is  an extraordinary move.  The result is nothing less than securing the future of alternative publishing options for  independent presses in the fields of mathematics and statistics,” said Anne  Kenney, Carl A. Kroch University Librarian, Cornell University Library.

“I am delighted that our long relationship with the Cornell  University Library has resulted in an agreement that will be of great benefit  to both parties, as well as to the partner journals in Project Euclid and to  the many users of Project Euclid in the mathematics and statistics  communities,” said Steve Cohn, Director of Duke University Press.

This joint venture was undertaken in cooperation with the  Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), an alliance of  universities, research libraries, and organizations, created by the Association  of Research Libraries.  Leadership for  Project Euclid will be assumed by management at both Cornell and Duke. 

About Cornell University Library
The Cornell University Library is one of the ten largest  research libraries in North America. Its holdings exceed  7.5 million volumes and over 395,000 networked electronic resources. The Library has a distinguished  record in the area of scholarly communication for the physical sciences and  mathematics.  In addition to Project  Euclid, the Library operates the physics e-print server, arXiv, the first and  still the most important example of open access to current scientific  research.  The Library’s early  digitization of 576 mathematics monographs (1991) served as the basis of their  participation in a collaborative NSF-supported project involving the University of Michigan Library and the Göttingen State and University Library to develop  an interoperable digital collection. For more information, please visit

About Duke University  Press
Duke University Press publishes approximately 120 books  annually and more than 30 journals, including the prestigious Duke Mathematical Journal, which the  Press has published since the journal’s inception in 1935. Duke University Press  is known as a publisher willing to take chances with nontraditional and  interdisciplinary publications, both books and journals. Like the University as  a whole, the Press seeks to pursue its objectives with vision and integrity. In  the case of Duke University Press, that means a commitment to the highest  standards of both critical scholarly review and professional publishing  judgment. For more information, please visit

About Project Euclid
Since its launch in 2003, Project Euclid has been recognized  worldwide as a distinctive online environment for the distribution of serial  literature in theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics.  Established in 2000 with generous support  from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Euclid’s  mission is to assure that the mathematics and statistics communities continue  to benefit from a healthy balance of commercial enterprises, scholarly  societies, and independent publishers.  For more information, please visit