Cornell University Library launches improved version of Project Euclid

Contact: Terry  Ehling
Phone:  (607) 255-4490

Cornell University Library launches improved version of Project Euclid

A new version of Project Euclid <> that supports  the online publication of monographs and conference proceedings has been  launched by Cornell University Library, thanks to staff from the Center for  Innovative Publishing and E-Publishing Technologies.

The updated site brings enhanced functionality and a fresh  new design to Project Euclid, Cornell’s innovative online publishing service in  the fields of mathematics and statistics.  Powered by the library’s Digital Publishing System, DPubS v.2, Project  Euclid now supports online publication of a wider range of content types,  including monographs and conference proceedings; improved searching via Lucene;  publisher-driven customization options; and intuitive administrative tools.  Later this year, Project Euclid will provide a set of tools to facilitate the  peer review process for journals.

New to Project Euclid with this upgrade are the Notre Dame  Lecture Series on Mathematics (1942–1990) and, by year's end, the entire run of  the Proceedings of the Berkeley Symposium on Mathematical Statistics and  Probability (1946–1971).  Both are  available on an open access basis.

In 2007, seven new journals will join Project Euclid, which currently delivers  45 journals and 42,000 articles from 30 partner publishers. Forthcoming this  summer will be the complete back files for the Tohoku Mathematical Journal, the  Proceedings of the Japan Academy  and the four flagship journals from the Institute  of Mathematical Statistics.  Links to back issues of the Bulletin and  Journal of the Association for Symbolic Logic will also be available as will  back volumes of the Bulletin of the AMS (1891–1991), under a special  arrangement with the American Mathematical Society.

For more information about Project Euclid, contact Terry Ehling, director of  the library’s Center for Innovative Publishing, at or  David Ruddy, director of the library’s E-Publishing Technologies, at

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