Project Euclid’s MathJax Implementation Creates ‘Beautiful Math’ Online

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Project Euclid’s MathJax Implementation Creates ‘Beautiful Math’ Online

ITHACA, N.Y. (Jan. 4, 2011) – Through the use of a new technology, Project Euclid has helped to make the presentation of mathematics as attractive on the Web as it is on paper.

MathJax, an open-source JavaScript display engine, renders standard mathematics codes readable in regular Web browsers.

“MathJax makes it easy to display ‘beautiful math,’ online,” said David Ruddy, Project Euclid lead at Cornell. “It has been difficult to present math attractively and reliably on the Web. There are a number of different methods in use, and browsers all behave differently with each. Now, with MathJax, the display problem has been vastly simplified and Project Euclid users will be able to see math the way authors intended.”

Both TeX and MathML-coded mathematics can be viewed on any modern browser, without new plug-ins or font installations. Currently, MathJax is turned on for a set of 20 titles in Project Euclid, and more titles are being added regularly. Eventually, MathJax will be used throughout Project Euclid.

Cornell University Library developed and deployed Project Euclid, the premier online information community for mathematics and statistics resources from independent publishers, in 2000. In 2008, Duke University Press established a collaborative partnership agreement with Cornell to jointly manage and expand the project.

“MathJax is a transformative new technology, and its implementation on Project Euclid will greatly benefit the independent and society publishers that Euclid was developed for,” said Mira Waller, Project Euclid Manager at Duke University Press. “Over the past two years, the successful collaboration between Cornell University Library and Duke University Press has allowed Euclid to focus on enhancements, such as MathJax, that advance Euclid’s core mission of serving the unique needs of low-cost scholarly communication in the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics.”

MathJax is a joint project of the American Mathematical Society, Design Science, Inc., and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. As project sponsors, these institutions also provide major funding.
Together with the American Physical Society, Project Euclid is one of the original supporters of MathJax. The project serves as an example of one benefit of the collaborative partnership arrangement upon which Project Euclid is built, allowing independent publishers join forces and participate in an online presence with advanced functionality without sacrificing their intellectual or economic independence or commitment to low subscription prices.

Visit the Project Euclid Web site for more information about the MathJax implementation.

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Project Euclid has helped to make the presentation of mathematics as attractive on the Web as it is on paper