Privacy Consultations and Resources


Digital Scholarship Services supports Cornell University Library's Privacy Services initiative, which promotes privacy literacy through consultations, workshops and classroom instruction. This page lists resources on digital privacy in support of this mission. Email to ask questions or set up a consultation.

Get Help from Cornell University Library

As part of the Library’s overall Privacy Services initiative, Digital Scholarship Services provides:

  • General privacy literacy workshops
  • Specialized workshops for particular needs
  • One-on-one privacy consultations for individual circumstances.

To arrange a workshop for your group, or to make an appointment for an individual consultation, contact us or email

Privacy Resource Guides

General Reference Guides to Digital Privacy and Security

Secure Your Accounts

Encrypt Your Communications

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  • For encrypted text messages and calls, download the Signal App on your phone. Use it for private text messaging.
  • Install HTTPS Everywhere on all your browsers.

Limit Your Digital Exhaust

  • Install a tracking blocker (aka ad blocker, aka surveillance blocker), such as Privacy Badger or uBlock Origin.
  • Delete apps you don’t need.

Zoom Advice

Uses of Commercial Mass Surveillance

On the Ethics of Ad Blockers