Resources: Digital Harassment Self-Defense Workshop #2

Remove Your Info from Data Broker Storehouses

DIY: Reanna’s Big List of data brokers and their opt-out links

If you decide to hire a service: DeleteMe or Reputation

Plug Some Leaky Data Holes

Install tracking blocker extensions on your web browsers, like Privacy Badger or uBlock Origin.

Delete apps from your phone that you don’t need.

Follow these steps for limiting location tracking on your phone. (NYTimes, Dec. 2019)

Further Reading

Public-Facing Data Brokers

I Shared My Phone Number. I Learned I Shouldn’t Have. (B. Chen, NYTimes. Aug. 15, 2019.)

How Your Browser Identifies You

Webkay, a demonstration project by Robin Linus

On the Failures of “Anonymized” Data

Where Even the Children Are Being Tracked (C. Warzel & S. Thompson, NYTimes. Dec. 21, 2019)

Phone Apps

The Loophole That Turns Your Apps Into Spies (C. Warzel, NYTimes. Sept. 24, 2019)
Who Is Policing the Location Data Industry? (A. Ng & J. Keegan,,The Markup. Feb. 24, 2022)

On Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns: Two Games (Dundee Design House)