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Strategic Planning

Toward 2015: Cornell University Library Strategic Plan, 2011-2015

Goals and Objectives

- Goal I: Ensure access to the full scholarly record for the Cornell community.
- Goal II: Dramatically improve systems for finding and using scholarly resources.
- Goal III: Provide services to support the full cycle of research and scholarly exchange.
- Goal IV: Strengthen the educational impact of library programs for students at all levels.
- Goal V: Invest in physical and virtual library spaces.
- Goal VI: Expand the Library’s reach through public engagement.
- Goal VII: Promote an organizational culture that helps library staff succeed in a changing environment and embraces broader engagement with the Cornell community.

 Next Steps in Advancing the CUL Strategic Plan for 2013-2015

- Foster an innovative and collaborative staff culture.
- Consolidate the partnership with Columbia and deepen collaboration with other libraries to build comprehensive access to the world's scholarship.
- Build effective and efficient digital information resource capacity.
- Create a dynamic virtual presence.
- Develop library/information services and resources for the Cornell-NYC Tech campus.