Chat Technical Issues

Having trouble connecting to the librarian via chat?

Some issues to consider:

  • Browsers: Currently the software we use works best using an Internet Explorer browser version 6 or higher. However, other browsers, including Netscape, Firefox, Opera and Safari should allow the librarian to chat with you and send web pages to your screen.
  • Configuration of browser: Try enabling JavaScript in your Web browser. Use your browser's help for how-to.
  • Operating systems: The service works best on a Windows operating system. Please check these instructions if you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed to see how you can configure it to chat with the librarian. Some advanced features of the service may not be available when using a Mac.
  • Firewalls: If you have a firewall enabled, such as Norton Internet Security, it may interfere with your ability to communicate with the librarian. Content and chat filtering can interfere in the same way. In these cases, you may not be able to receive messages from the librarian. If you experience this problem, please exit the service and check these firewall instructions to see how you may configure it to allow for successful communication. Setting the domains, and as "trusted" or "permitted" in your firewall settings may help.