Help: Technical Problem Report Form

Technical Problem Report Form

To report a technical problem, responses are required for at least the 6 starred (**) questions. But, please, provide as much information as you can. We will respond as quickly as we are able. Please keep in mind that we don't staff the library overnight.

We do offer a Computer Set-Up Page that assists you in configuring your computer to use the Library Gateway and its resources. Feel free to try this first to resolve technical problems related to the Gateway or to simply get some information about your computer.

** Your computer's operating system?
** Your internet connection?
** What kind of Web browser are you using?

** Which resource are you having problems with? (BIOSIS, CU Library Catalog, etc.)

** What was the error message you received? (A paraphrase is OK.)

Have you been able to connect to this resource in the past?

How long have you had this problem?

Can you connect to other things from the CU Library Gateway?
(if 'yes', please give an example.)

Other information you think we might use to help you solve the problem?

Your name?

** Your e-mail address?

** The library I use most often is:

You may be prompted for your Net ID and Password upon submitting this form. It is not necessary to do so to submit it. Either enter this information, or click Cancel.