[Library website maintenance] Content revisions

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 3:02 pm America/New_York
Melissa K. Wallace sent you this group email since you have and account on
https://www.library.cornell.edu/ ( Cornell University Library ) .

Hi library website account holder,

Lately there have been many updates to the library website
(www.library.cornell.edu) due to COVID-19. I just wanted to share a couple
of content-editing tips:

1. All pages are automatically saved with a revision. When you are logged
in, you can see past revisions in the "REVISIONS" tab on any
page. You can compare previous versions to see what content was changed.

2. If you are removing content that you think you might want to put back
later (e.g. when the libraries reopen and services are restored), it would
be helpful to add a "Revision log message" with brief comments
about what you changed. This will make it easier to determine which
revision you want to review later on. You can find the "Revision log
message" field at the bottom of any page, while in Edit mode.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at mhk33@cornell.edu.
Also, if you think you no longer need an account, let me know and I can
remove you.

Melissa Wallace

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