Last updated March 2004.

Cornell University Library



Disaster Phone Tree

Minor Emergencies
  • Immediate Steps
  • Preparation for Air Drying
  • Procedures for Air Drying Books
  • Procedures for Air Drying Paper Documents or Pamphlets

Library Salvage Priorities

  • Priority List
  • Floor Plan(s)

Major Emergencies

  • Checklist of Immediate Steps
  • Organization of Major Disaster Action Team
  • Packing and Removal of Wet Books and Materials
  • Guidelines for Packing Wet Library Materials
  • Recovery Methods for Materials Requiring
    Immediate Attention or Unusual Treatment
  • Drying Wet Books and Records: Summary of Technology
  • Non-Water Disasters


  • Emergency Unit Supply Box
  • Emergency Supplies: Central Freezer Storage
  • Cornell Library Annex Freezer
  • Regional Emergency Mutual Response Team
  • List of Local & Regional Services & Supplies
  • Example of Completed Library Salvage Priorities Form



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