Using Kodak PhotoCD Technology for Preservation and Access:
A Guide for Librarians, Archivists, and Curators
Anne R. Kenney and Oya Y Rieger
Department of Preservation and Conservation, Cornell University Library for
New York State Education Department, Program for the Conservation and Preservation of Library Material


Kodak Photo CD Project
Ordering Information

Macbeth Judge II Color Viewing Booth
II D75 ($1,200)

Macbeth, 24" Kit
The Judge replacement lamp kit ($57.39)

Natural Daylight Fluorescent Bulbs
Can be purchased from any lighting store (see Appendix A for specifications).

Peak Light Scale Lupe 30x
No. 2037-L ($180)
(609) 573-6250

Q13 or Q14 Color and Grayscale Target
(800) 225-5352

Q60 Kodak Color Target
(800) 225-5352

Kodak Neutral Card
(800) 368-6257

AIIM Scanner Test Chart
(301) 587-0202

IEEE Std 167A.1-1985

RIT Alphanumeric Resolution Test Object
$30 each
(716) 475-2739

Kodak Photo CD Acquire Module
V.1.0 for Windows or Version 2.2 for Macintosh available for download at: