Useful Web Sites

In addition to those already cited, the following websites provide useful information on educational opportunities and preservation issues:

  • Through the Cellulose Acetate Information Network website the National Library of Australia provides a wide range of resources to assist institutions worldwide in implementing strategies to preserve cellulose-acetate collections.
  • The Getty Conservation Institute, in association with the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, is bringing art and archaeology technical abstracts on-line as a free service to the international conservation community.
  • The BCIN database is managed by the Canadian Heritage Information Network on behalf of the Conservation Information Network, which brings together bibliographic holdings and abstracts produced by several of the world's major conservation centers.
  • Baghdad Museum has general information on the progress of conservation projects.
  • USAID is concerned mainly with the preservation of agriculture, but there are references to libraries.
  • The Iraqi/Jewish Archive Discussion of trained personnel and technical resources available in Iraq.
  • BSAI has many links discussing preservation in Iraq.
  • The Art Newspaper has general information on conservation in Iraq including the conservation report of NARA and LC.
  • Public Record Office has notes on the establishment of preservation training programs in Iraq.