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Manual Guide No. 11A (1999)

Corrugated Slip Case

The Corrugated Slip Case is made from a single corrugated board, and is designed to provide protection for materials vulnerable to the ingress of dust and dirt, such as scrap books, photograph albums, and other items sewn onto thickness guards. These book structures are commonly made to accommodate insertions, and consist of leaves that are loosely packed. In general, slip cases can be somewhat damaging if too tight or used inappropriately, as they can abrade the covers of some bindings. However, if well constructed, they can be used to good advantage for the forms of books noted above.

Measurement Formula.

Single core archival quality board is used for the case which is made from one piece through cutting and scoring. If we assume as a model, a book measuring 20.3 centimeters (height) x 13.0 centimeters (width) x 2.2 centimeters (thickness), the following is the formula for cutting and scoring (see figure 1 for clarity).

Figure 1

To the height of the book, 20.3, add .5 centimeters and twice the thickness, 20.8 + 2.2 + 2.2, for a total of 25.2.

To the width of the book, 13.0, add the thickness, plus the width again, 13.0 + 2.2 + 13.0, for a total of 28.2.

Cut the board to the dimensions 25.2 x 28.2.

At the top and bottom of the board (the 25.2 dimension), mark the thickness, 2.2, and score with a bone folder.

On the other dimension, 28.2, mark a line 13.0 in from each edge and score (this should leave 2.2 strip down the center of the board).

Cut out the two squares formed where the thickness score lines cross, and fold inwards at all the score lines. Apply a thin film of adhesive to one of the walls at the top and bottom of the case, and press together (see figure 2).

Figure 2

Materials and Tools.

The only tools needed are bone folder, scissors, mat knife, metric ruler, and glue brush. Materials consists of polyvinyl acetate adhesive and single core corrugated board (available from Gaylord, University Products and other suppliers).




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