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Training Materials

 3A  (1979)    Paper Binding for Low-Use Documentary Materials

 4A  (1986)    Oxford Hollow 

 5A  (1987)    The Air Drying of Wet Books

 7B  (1997)    The Stabilization and Housing of Palm-Leaf Manuscripts 

 8A  (1997)   Conservation and Stabilization of Palm Leaf and Parabaik Manuscripts

 9A  (1999)     Corrugated Clamshell Box

11A  (1999)     Corrugated Slip Case 

13A  (1988)    Endsheets in Common Use

14A  (1999)    The Air Drying of Wet Files and Sheets

17A  (1981)    Board Set

19A  (1983)    Quarter Leather, Library Style 

20A  (1983)    Quarter Leather, Tight Joint 

22A  (1979)    Guidelines for the Shortening of  Binders' Titles

28B  (1992)    Marginal Materials (MM) Case 

35A  (1988)    Conservation Binding Guidelines for Recasing 

38A  (1986)    Mylar Sleeve

Cambodian Palm-Leaf Manuscripts: Procedures for Conservation

Post-Circulation Examination 

Quarter Buckram, Paper Sides



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