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Last updated March 2004.

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Department of Preservation and Collection Maintenance
Cornell University Library
B32 Olin Library
Ithaca, New York 14853
(607)- 255-9440


Director — B15 Olin Library
Barbara Berger Eden, 255-5291, DIrector, B15 Olin Library

Book Conservation — B31 Olin Library
Michele Brown, 255-2484, , Book Conservator
Roger Clearwater, 255-5765, Conservation Technician
Pat Fox, 255-5766, Conservation Technician
Adam Swanson, 255-5765, Conservation Technician
Susan Argetsinger, 255-5765, Conservation Technician
Peter Schlough, 255-5766, Conservation Technician

Collection Maintenance -- B21 Olin Library
Joel Copenhagen, 255-9565, Supervisor
Kyi Aung, 255-9503, Public Service Assistant
Ruth Beacher, 255-9503, Public Service Assistant
Michelle Carltand, 255-9503, Public Service Assistant
David Conroy, 255-9503, Public Service Assistant

Jon Frankel, 255-9503, Public Service Assistant
Kathryn Hughes, 255-9503, Public Service Assistant
Yuri Prokopenko, 255- 9503, Public Service Assistant
Kadri Sercan, 255- 9503, Public Service Assistant
Kelly Smallidge, 255-9503, Public Service Assistant
Ubaldo Valli, 255- 9503, Public Service Assistant

Commercial Binding — B38 Olin Library
Susie Cobb, 255-4005, Administrative Supervisor
Pamela Clearwater, 255-9841, Technician
Laura Smith, 255-9840, Technician

Conservation Liaison - B32 Olin Library
Joan M. Brink, 255-4877, Conservation Liaison

Media & Newspapers
Boris Michev, 255-5912, Media Supervisor
Suzanne Schwartz, 255-6785, Public Service Assistant

Microforms & Serials
John Marmora, 255-6905, Supervisor
Tom Hunt, 255-4246, Public Service Assistant
Robin Messing, 255-7276, Public Service Assistant
Nathan Miner, 255- 9503, Public Service Assistant

Paper Conservation — Library Annex
Tatyana Petukhova, 253-3164, Paper Conservator

Photographic Conservation — B31 Olin Library
Michele Hamill, 255-5766, Photographic Conservator

Preparations — B39 Olin Library
Sherry Hubbard, 255-5938, Technician
Zora Radoja, 255-5938, Technician

Preservation and Conservation Librarian
John F. Dean, 255-9687, B32 Olin Library

Preservation and Collection Management Organization Chart

Organization chart


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