Instructor FAQ

Frequently asked questions about course reserves at Cornell University Library.

What is the deadline for placing items on reserve?

Staff are working hard to process all requests for course reserves.  If you submit multiple requests, please let us know the priority order for those items as this will help when processing items.

To ensure availability for the first day of classes, all reserves should be submitted by the following dates:

  • Fall semester: August 3
  • Winter sessions: December 1
  • Spring semester: December 15
  • Summer session: 4 weeks before the start of the session

What can be placed on electronic reserve?

  • E-books, streaming films, journal articles, book chapters, syllabi, practice exams, lecture notes and audio files.
  • Electronic items, including items found in course packets, must meet Copyright Fair Use Guidelines (PDF) or have the permission of the copyright holder for this type of use.
  • Readings and/or viewings must be restricted to members of the class, and access must be terminated at the end of final exams.
  • Reproduced (scanned or photocopied) materials should include proper attribution and include the original work's copyright statement. If no statement can be found, a standard statement of copyright protection may be used.
  • For questions specifically dealing with electronic reserves for audio, the Music Library endorses the Statement on the Digital Transmission of Audio Reserves issued by the Music Library Association.

If the library does not currently own an item that you would like placed on reserve, we will purchase the item. Please submit a request for this material just as you would an item that the library does own.

How do my students access course reserves?

Electronic Reserves: Students can access electronic reserves under the "Library Reserves" menu link on their course's Canvas site.

NOTE: Only material that has been placed on reserve through the library can be accessed via the "Library Reserves" link. Articles or other readings that have been uploaded to Canvas by the instructor will be found in a different location as specified by the instructor.