Renew Books

Most borrowed materials are renewable through the catalog, or onsite at the library.

Cornell-owned items

  • Click on My Account (found in the menu bar on library web pages)
  • Click on ‘Renew Cornell items'
  • At the authentication screen, enter your Net ID or Guest ID and password.
  • Select the items you wish to renew, or choose "Renew all items from Cornell University Library" at the bottom of the screen. Note: some items may not be renewable (see Problems section below).
  • Make note of the renewal status and new due dates for all items (may involve paging through multiple screens if you have lots of books)
  • Contact the circulation desk if you are unable to view or renew your books, or if you have questions about the accuracy of the items listed.  (See Problems section below.)

Borrow Direct items

Borrow Direct items may be renewed in the same way as items owned by Cornell. Follow instructions for renewing Cornell-owned items. Note that Borrow Direct items are limited to one renewal.

Interlibrary Loan items

Most interlibrary loans can be renewed. Renewal eligibility and restrictions are marked on the band attached to the book cover. A renewal may be requested by phone, email, in person, through your My Account page, or through the Interlibrary Loan website. To renew through My Account:

  • Click on My Account (found in the menu bar on library website pages)
  • Click on "Renew Interlibrary Loan items"
  • At the authentication screen, enter your Net ID and password
  • Under the View menu, select "Checked out items" and click on the Transaction Number of the item to be renewed
  • Click "Renew request" at the top of the page. If that option is not available, contact your Interlibrary Loan office:

Olin Library, 255-9564,
Mann, Geneva or Veterinary Library, 255-7754,
Law Library, 255-5750,

Problems renewing books

Not all items may be renewable. Reasons why renewals may be blocked:

  • Short term loans, equipment or special collection materials may not be renewable
  • Items with pending requests (recalls or holds) are not renewable
  • Items more than 27 days overdue are not renewable (this period may vary with type of material)
  • Your account has expired
  • Your account has reached a block threshold. These blocks include exceeding the limit on unpaid fines, unreturned books, overdue recalls, number of items on loan, or number of overdue items.
  • The maximum number of renewals has been reached. For Borrow Direct and Interlibrary Loan items, the number of renewals is very limited (one in most cases).
  • The system may be temporarily offline (in such cases, there should be a message about the outage on the library home page)
  • On rare occasions, the issuing library may have undergone a change that affects its loan matrix, which may prevent renewal of items borrowed from that library

If you believe there is an error in your list of books (items listed that you never borrowed or that you believe you have returned), or to report lost, damaged or stolen items, please contact the owning library and speak with the circulation supervisor as soon as possible, or contact the Library Public Services Office, 116 Olin Library, (607) 255-5069,