Class Instruction

Librarians are available to:

  • teach one or more sessions in your class.
  • work with you to integrate library research into your syllabus.
  • help you design an assignment integrating library research.
  • discuss what will work best for your class.

In the following request form, you will be able to indicate the options that work best for you.

Students benefit most from library instruction sessions when:

  • The instruction sessions take place during the regular class or discussion section meeting time.
  • The regular instructor or teaching assistant(s) attend.
  • The students have an existing class assignment in which they will use the principles we teach.
  • The instruction sessions are timed appropriately to the assignment due date.

To ensure the availability of a librarian with adequate time to plan and prepare your session:

  • We encourage you to submit your request as early as possible in the semester.
  • At least two weeks' notice is preferable.
  • Please include your syllabus when you make your request. We use it to plan library instruction that is integrated with your class topic and goals.
  • Please include your assignment when you make your request.  If you don't have one yet, we can help you design a library research assignment.

Thank you.

Request Class Instruction