For-Credit Courses Taught by CUL Librarians

ASIAN 6612: Japanese Bibliography and Methodology
Dan McKee

ASIAN 6613: Southeast Asian Bibliography and Research Methods
Gregory Green

ASRC 1900/LSP 1101: Research Strategies in Africana and Latino Studies
Eric Acree and Tony Cosgrave

BIOG 1250: Biology Seminar: Writing for Wikipedia
Kelee Pacion

BIOG 3020: Seminar in Research Skills for Biologists
Sarah J. Wright

ENGL 4500: History of the Book
Katherine Reagan

HADM 2720: Information Retrieval and Research Methods.
Ken Bolton; Kelly LaVoice

ILRHR 2630: Human Resources: Current Issues and Trends
Chris Miller

ILRHR 6640: HR Online Research and Reporting Methods for Executive Decision-Making
Chris Miller

ILRLR 2070: Writing Seminar in History: Uncovering Corporate Strategies
Patrizia Sione

ILRLR 2080: Writing Seminar in Labor Relations: Perspectives on the History of Work and Labor Relations.
Patrizia Sione

LAW 6012: Administrative Law Research
Nina Scholtz

LAW 6051: Advanced Legal Research in Business Law
Matt Morrison

LAW 6053: Advanced Legal Research in Intellectual Property Law
Mark Williams

LAW 6085: Law Practice Technology
Femi Cadmus, Dan Blackaby, and Mark Williams

LAW 6301: Directed Readings
Amy Emerson and Mark Williams; Thomas Mills

LAW 6514: International and Foreign Legal Research
Thomas Mills

LAW 6739: Online Legal Research and Resources
Amy Emerson

LAW 6740: Online Legal Research: Free Sources
Thomas Mills

LAW 7885: Legal Research Clinic
Amy Emerson and Margaret Ambrose

MUSIC 6201: Research and Critical Methodologies
Bonna J. Boettcher (co-taught with faculty)

NTRES 6600: Research Data Management Seminar
Sarah J. Wright and Erica M. Johns (co-taught with faculty)

VTMED 6726: Introduction to the Professional Literature
Erin Eldermire (co-taught with faculty)

VTMED 6798: Special Projects in Veterinary Medicine
Erin Eldermire (co-taught with faculty)

WRIT 1420: Opening Up New Worlds through Research and Rhetoric
Tony Cosgrave (co-taught with faculty)

WRIT 2100: Delve Deeper: Research Methods
Susette Newberry and Michael Engle