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Volume 14 (August 2005 - May 2006)

April 2006
Promotions of Librarians
Unit in the Spotlight:  Geneva
Employee Assistance Program
Cornell United Way Campaign Reaches its Goal
People News

February 2006
Ten Years of InSITE
Vanished Worlds, Enduring Peoples
How Many Libraries Are in CUL
Computers for Southside and South Africa
Martin Luther King, Jr. Exhibit at Africana Library
UNIT in the Spotlight:  Music
People News
Holiday Party Photos

December 2005
The Cornell-Queen’s Boardroom EMBA: a View from Inside
Cat5 in Cancun: Hurricane Wilma
Unit in the Spotlight: Africana Library
People News
A Christmas Story: Law Adopts a Family
Sarah’s Holiday Card

October 2005
Master of Management in Hospitality
Carol Buckley Quilt Raffle
United Way 2005
New Library Listserv
Things Fall Apart, New Student Reading Project
Library Poems
People News
Library Diversity Arch

August 2005
Welcome Back from Sarah Thomas
Service Awards 2005
Staff Outstanding Performance Awards 2005
So You Want to be a Translator
Textile Mania
People News
Annual CUL Staff Picnic

Volume 13 (August 2004 - May 2005)

May 2005
Promotions of Librarians
Unit in the Spotlight: DLIT
Fuerst Awards 2005
Retrospective Conversion at CUL
Book Collection Contest 2005
CUL Art Show 2005
Africana Library Renovation
People News

March 2005 (PDF)
Willard Fiske: The Journeys of a Bibliophile
Unit in the Spotlight - Mann Library
Kaleidoscope Readers say "We Like It"
People News

November/December 2004 (PDF)
Blowing the Whistle on Publisher's Malfeasance - a personal memoir
Research Connection @ Duffield
(CL)3 Grand Opening Celebration
Fun and Games at Election Eve Trivia Night
Congratulations to the CUL Library Team
CUL Spells Cool
People News
Season's Greetings

August/September 2004 (PDF)
Welcome Back from Sarah Thomas
Service Awards
Library Picnic 2004
New Certificate Program Hones Skills of Experienced Supervisors
People News
The One and Only Stack Rats
Unit in the Spotlight - Veterinary Library

Volume 12 (August 2003 - May 2004)

April/May 2004 (PDF)
Promotions of Librarians
Strawberry Breeding at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station 1882-2003
Adelson Library Opens
In Memoriam: Tom Turner
CUL Arts Show 2004
2004 Fuerst Awards
People News

February/March 2004 (PDF)
CUL to Digitize Cornell Daily Sun Issues
Pastimes and Paradigms: Games We Play
Live at the Cafe
People News
Unit in the Spotlight - Engineering Library

December 2003/January 2004 (PDF)
Service Awards 2003
CUL Staff-Recommended Books Winter 2004
People News

October/November 2003 (PDF)
Lehman Highlights Cornell Library in Inaugural Address
United Way 2003: What Matters
Envisioning the Future of Olin
RMC Exhibit Highlights Renowned Book Artist Leonard Baskin
What's the Population of Afghanistan? Is There a Best Answer?
People News
Halloween Costume Contest

August/September 2003 (PDF)
Welcome Back from Sarah Thomas
Scholastic Book Project
Learning More about LARIS
I Will Be Heard! Abolitionism in America
Schedulers Unite! The Library Events Calender is Here!
People News

Volume 11 (August 2002 - May 2003)

April/May 2003 (PDF)
Ross Atkinson Is Academic/Research Librarian of the Year
Unit in the Spotlight - Physical Sciences Library
The Two Towers of Cornell
New Library Exhibit Highlights Mozart and His Music
2003 Fuerst Award Winners
Our Quilt: Underground Railroad Codes
Cornell Investigates Archiving Web-Based Communications
2003 Arts and Crafts Show
Promotions of Librarians
People News

February/March 2003 (PDF)
Inside the Voyager Reporting Users Group
Beautiful Women's Works
McCarthy Catalog Published at RMC
Celebrating our Seven-Millionth Volume
People News
Unit in the Spotlight - EMPSL

December 2002/January 2003 (PDF)
Service Awards 2002
Outstanding Performance Awards
Unit in the Spotlight - Fine Arts Library
Minnesota Training Institute
Books We've Read and Recommend
Wason Collection Debuts on Explore Cornell
People News

October/November 2002 (PDF)
Catherwood Renovations Completed
Cultivating IRIS
United Way: A Cornell Tradition
Unit in the Spotlight - Interlibrary Services
People News

Volume 10 (August 2001 - May 2002)

May 2002 (PDF)
Unit in the Spotlight - Mathematics Library
2002 Fuerst Award Winners
What is IRIS?
People News
Tip of the Month

April 2002 (PDF)
Structural Problems in Olin Library
MyContents: Making a Dream into Reality
CUL Visual Arts and Crafts Show
CUL Junior Library Fellows Program
E. J. Josey Promotes Librarianship as Career Choice for People of Color
Volunteers in the Library
People News
Unit in the Spotlight - Desktop Services
Tip of the Month

March 2002 (PDF)
Online in 2004
Unit in the Spotlight - Facilities & Business Operations
Grant to Digitize Political Americana Collection
Renovating Olin's First Floor
People News
Tip of the Month

February 2002 (PDF)
What is Metadata?
Looking for a Few Good Librarians
The Performance Review
Women's Works Third Annual Concert: a Celebration of Women Composers
People News
Unit in the Spotlight - Shipping & Receiving, Administrative Operations
Tip of the Month

January 2002 (PDF)
Rare Books and Horses . . .
The Business Writing Workshop
My Dinner with Andre & Anya
2001 CUL Holiday Party
People News
Unit in the Spotlight - Photocopy Services, Administrative Operations
Tip of the Month

December 2001 (PDF)
Travel-Related Web Sites
People News
CUL Office of Distributed Learning
Look Ma No Wires! Wireless Networking in CUL
Seasons Greetings
Unit in the Spotlight - Access Services
Tip of the Month

November 2001 (PDF)
2001 Service Awards
United Way 2001: Why Give?
Unit in the Spotlight - Guess Who?
Outstanding Performance Award
People News
Tip of the Month

October 2001 (PDF)
Haunted or Not? Olin Early
Tales of the Ghost of Jennie McGraw
A Visit from the Twilight Zone
Second Annual Ergo Fair October 9 2001
Rumors in the Stimson Morgue
Quintetto Giocoso
Unit in the Spotlight - Library Accounting
People News

September 2001 (PDF)
Partnering with Students in Solving Real-World Problems
2001 CUL Picnic
Unit in the Spotlight - Library Human Resources
People News
Conservation Display Case
Tip of the Month
Catastrophic Leave Donation Policy

August 2001 (PDF)
A new Academic Year
DIALOGUE: Reflections on Diversity at CUL
Marvellous Mentoring
CUL Showcase
People News
Unit in the Spotlight - Library Administration
Cornell Fiction
Tip of the Month

Volume 9 (August 2000 - May 2001)

May 2001 (PDF)
Remote Services in Action
Promotions of Librarians
Fuerst Awards
Latté at the Library
People News

April 2001 (PDF)
Café Expansion Announced
New Kroch Library Exhibition Highlights History of Home Economics
Preserving the Literature of Home Economics
CUL Goes to NYC: Part I, a Kaleidoscope of Impressions
CUL Goes to NYC: Part II, Three Tales
Women's Works 2001: a Concert that Celebrates Women Composers
CUL First Annual Visual Arts and Crafts Show
People News
Tip of the Month

March 2001 (PDF)
Language of Flowers: A Fashion and a Collection
Laura Robert
With the Touch of a Finger
People News
Tip of the Month

February 2001 (PDF)
Surviving Boot Camp
Supporting Cultural Diversity: One of Africana Library's Many Roles
The Frank A. Lee Gift: E-Journals and the Future of the Geneva Library
Digital Copyright: Recent Developments of Interest to Libraries
Café Comes to Olin Library
People News
Tip of the Month

January 2001 (PDF)
IFLA in Jerusalem
2000 CUL Holiday Party
Ham and Jam
Magical Mystery Tour
Performance Appraisals
The Promised Land
People News
Tip of the Month

December 2000 (PDF)
Outstanding Performance Awards
Service Awards
People News

November 2000 (PDF)
Vote - An Exhibition of Political Americana
Not Exactly A Vision Quest: Finding Library Resources on Sexual Technologies
Project Euclid = (CUL + DUP) Ejournals
Greetings Library Staff - United Way
People News
Tip of the Month

October 2000 (PDF)
CUL Inaugurates Advisory Council
The Sidney Cox Library of Music and Dance
Office Professionals
Advisory Council Activities
Philadelphia Story
Time Away from Work and Time Collection Policies
People News
Tip of the Month

September 2000 (PDF)
Mummies and Militants in Egypt
Ergo Fair
2000 CUL Picnic
Contemporary African Artists Database
People News
Tip of the Month

August 2000 (PDF)
Welcome Back
Armed with Accordians
Living and Reliving the Icelandic Sagas
Good-bye NOTIS, Hello Voyager
Change is the Only Constant
New and Improved Kaleidoscope
People News
Tip of the Month

Volume 8 (August 1999 - May 2000)

May 2000 (PDF)
Fuerst Awards
Hiking with the Trails Club
People News
Divine Order - Say No
Tip of the Month

April 2000 (PDF)
University Librarian Inaugurates New Space Saving Process
The National Summit on Africa
People News
A Few of My Adventures in Safari-Land
Geneology Online: Finding Your Roots in Cyberspace
Divine Order - Goals
Tip of the Month

March 2000 (PDF)
Japan: Our Year of Learning
Invitation to the White House
People News
Divine Order - Organizing Your E-Mail
Special People
Women's Works: Form Hildegard to Honey
Tip of the Month

February 2000 (PDF)
Mann Library's Virtual Library Tour
People News
1999 Holiday Party
Images of Italy
Costume Drama
Injury Prevention
Divine Order - Procrastination

January 2000 (PDF)
The Birds, the Bees, and Other Special Collections at Mann Library
The Pleasures of Trail Riding
The ETC: Enhancing Access to Electronic Text
Benefit Choices
People News
Divine Order - Taking Care of Clutter

December 1999 (PDF)
Service Awards
Holidays Open Enrollment
CUL Annual New Employee Welcome
Divine Order - Clutter Free Gifts
People News
Season's Greetings
Outstanding Performance Awards

November 1999 (PDF)
Study Exchange in Turkey
Expect the Unexpected (Kish Carter)
United Way - Where Does the Money Go and Who Decides?
People News
Divine Order - Simplifying
Dental Benefits and Other Changes
It's Only Mail Handling

October 1999 (PDF)
Our Human Sexuality Collection
Construction Update
People News
Divine Order - Organizing Times Newsletter

September 1999 (PDF)
What Happened to the Kiosks?
Quasimodo Has Returned to the Library Tower...
Beautiful Birds in Kroch Library
People News
Divine Order - Doing Away with Unwanted Mail
Hiring Students
MyLibrary at Cornell

August 1999 (PDF)
Approaching the New Millenium
Beware Strangers
Remember This?
People News
The Changing Role of LHR
Divine Order - Cleaning
Training is Alive and Well in the Library!

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