Pricing for Audiovisual Digitization and Preservation Services

Services include:

  • Audiovisual digitization, reformatting and transcoding
  • Format analysis and playback
  • Digital forensics and analysis of AV and other digital content
  • Preservation consulting


All prices listed are based upon our current hourly production rate ($69), approved by Cornell University as a service facility rate.

Please note: 

  • All prices are dependent upon physical condition, handling need and delivery requirements.
  • In order to create an accurate estimate, we would need to be able to see the material; for a detailed estimate, please contact
  • Clients will be charged at an hourly rate; the prices listed below are per item estimates based upon our hourly production rate.
  • For projects, estimation will be compared after we begin project.

Currently we can digitize the following formats in our Audiovisual Preservation Lab located here on Cornell’s main campus:

FormatAverage Price Per Item / Hourly
Umatic, Umatic-S$60
Betacam, Betacam SP$60
DVCam, MiniDV$60
Open reel audiotape – 5” reel$80
Open reel audiotape – 7” reel$100
Vinyl and lacquer disc$100
Digital transcoding$69 per hour
Forensic analysis$69 per hour
Audio mastering and processing$69 per hour
File conversion and migration$69 per hour

Film and Vended Projects

All reel film digitization, negative processing, and formats not listed above are vended to trusted vendor partners. For inquiry into film digitization, processing, or formats other than those listed, please inquire for a detailed budget estimate at We also outsource large projects when necessary, based upon our workflow needs. Basic quality control is performed on the digital files upon their return to our lab. We do charge a handling fee and have established metadata requirements, but will help consult at our hourly rate. Also, client will assume cost of shipping for projects that are outsourced as invoiced.

Please note: all requests are subject to review. We reserve the right to decline requests. Please refer to the Guidelines for Using Text, Images, Audio, and Video from Cornell University Library Collections for further information about our policies.