Off-Campus Access

Start on the Library Homepage

While off-campus, start your search on the library home page for full access to our online journals and other resources. When you click on subscription-only resources, you’ll be asked for your NetID and password.

Or Install Access Anywhere on Your Browser

When not starting off on the library homepage, you can install Access Anywhere on your web browser and use it to directly access databases, journals, and e-books that would otherwise be restricted or hidden behind paywalls. Just follow the directions below!

Access Anywhere

In your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari), make sure the bookmark toolbar is visible and then drag the Access Anywhere icon to it.

You can also add a direct link to your favorites or bookmarks by bookmarking any page, renaming it, and then pasting the following (including the semicolon at the end):


Visit the Access Anywhere library guide for more installation information.

Using Access Anywhere

How does Access Anywhere work?

What if Access Anywhere isn’t working for me?