Cornell University Blaschka Glass Invertebrate Models

Investigator: Nelson Hairston and Drew Harvell, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Arts & Sciences, 2016

The goal of the project is to expand and improve the Blaschka Glass Invertebrate Collection website. The collection, which was originally acquired by Cornell as a teaching tool, is comprised of glass models of marine invertebrates. Although the main focus of the collection is biology, the medium and history of the Blaschka collection make it innately interdisciplinary – a subject of science, history, and art. The current website, which is used in several courses, was created over a decade ago. The funds will support updating both content and design to make the collection available to the largest undergraduate course on campus, Introductory Oceanography (EAS 1540, Professor Monger) as well as Marine Invertebrate Biodiversity (BIOEE 3730, Professor Harvell) and Marine Ecosystem Sustainability (BIOEE 4620, Professor Harvell and Greene).

Cornell Collection of Blaschka Invertibrate Models