Discovering the Hamlet of Enfield Falls: Archaeology of Tourism

Investigator: Sherene Baugher, Anthropology

Arts & Sciences, 2019

Since 1998, Sherene Baugher and her students have been excavating and analyzing materials and sites now buried in Robert H. Treman State Park that were associated with the 19th century hamlet of Enfield Falls and its various buildings including a female-owned scenic resort hotel. The intentional destruction of the hamlet in the 1920s was not unique. In the first half of the twentieth century, various communities across the United States were destroyed as homes and properties were taken over to create state parks and national parks. This project is of interest to a wide audience because both 19th century rural communities and the archaeology of tourism have been understudied. The digitization of maps, yearly artifact catalogues, site reports, key 19th century newspaper articles, and key artifact photographs and the creation of an online platform will make this material available to students, historical archaeologists, preservationists, museums, historical societies, and others interested in rural communities in the 19th century, and in the archaeology of tourism. This project will also provide a means for the descendant community to access and explore their heritage.