Langtang Memory Project

Investigator: Austin Lord, PhD Candidate, Anthropology

Arts & Sciences, 2018

On April 25th 2015, the village of Langtang in Nepal was destroyed by a co-seismic avalanche that killed over 300 people. Over the course of the past three years, the Langtang community has attempted to rebuild their lives while honoring the memory of those who were lost. The Langtang Memory Project is a collaborative volunteer effort that seeks to create a ‘living archive’ of Langtangpa culture and heritage, while supporting intergenerational dialogue about place, identity, and memory within the Langtang community. This online collection of selected photographs, audiovisual materials, and other documentation will supplement the permanent collection which will be held in Nepal, and aims to create a valuable ethnographic and auto-ethnographic record that can help increase our collective understanding of the dynamics that shape disaster, vulnerability, and resilience.