DCAPS facilitates digitization and publication projects through several different avenues. If you have a project in mind that doesn’t match the descriptions below, or just have questions or need help, please contact


DCAPS provides expert digitization of image, text and time-based media. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we provide support for a wide range of material types, but specializing in rare artifacts. Digitization services are available to the Cornell community. Please reach out for more information. Digitization is free for use in instruction. For more information about submitting digitization requests please see our digitization request form. In general, these are smaller reproduction requests that do not require publication or any additional resources aside from high quality and/or specialized digitization.

Digital Projects

Digital collections projects involve scoping and budgeting, intellectual property review, digital production, metadata creation or coordination, and more. Proposed collections must be arranged and described before digitization can begin. This ensures an enduring resource for future use. There are generally three different types of digital collections projects, based on the goals for the materials and proposed need.

Digital Collections Projects

These projects result in openly published digital collections and require broad DCAPS stakeholder involvement. The resulting collections and resources are published either in our Digital Collections Portal (DCP) or in the case of books and bound materials, HathiTrust. Please see DCP documentation to better understand requirements and policy.

Preservation Projects

Preservation is the focus of these projects and require digitization only for deposit into HathiTrust or the Cornell University Archival Repository (CULAR). Thes projects are for materials that are fragile, deteriorating, or face a high barrier to access for use in teaching and research. Strict timelines are not a factor in these projects, as scheduling will be at the discretion of DCAPS.

Grants Projects

DCAPS supports external grant projects in several ways, including grant application support, scoping expertise, digital production services, and digital project management. Scope and timelines are determined in the grant application. DCAPS has participated in many different grants over the years with funders such as The Mellon Foundation, NEH, The Henry R. Luce Foundation, IMLS, and more.

Other Projects

Not all digitization and publication requests fit into the above. Library and other Cornell community members routinely collaborate on projects that are as small as the digitization of a single item or as large as an onsite, “in-the-field” imaging project. These non-standard digital projects are often related to grants or incur fees for cost recovery. Additionally, projects may result in creative publishing or retention solutions for content. If a project requires a high level of resource input, special approval will be required. If you think you have one of these projects, please contact