Visitor Privileges

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Library Public Services Office
116 Olin Library
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Any person may visit the libraries and use materials, databases and resources on-site. Visitors and alumni who wish to borrow materials should contact the Library Public Services Office, 116 Olin Library, (607) 255-5069.

Borrowing Privileges

Visitors who wish to apply for borrowing privileges may contact the Library Public Services office, 116 Olin Library, (607) 255-5069.

Stack Access

Most libraries shelve materials in open stack areas which are accessible to visitors. In some cases, visitor access may be limited due to space or security considerations.

Special Collections

Visitors who wish to consult materials housed in special collections may request access at the owning library. A partial listing of these very extensive collections may be found at Rare and Manuscript Collections Special Collections website. For more information, visit or contact the library specializing in your area of interest.

Licensed Databases

Visitors may access most databases inside the library at any public computer terminal. Due to licensing restrictions, these databases are not accessible by non-Cornell users outside of the libraries.

Wireless Internet Access

Visitors may use their laptops or mobile devices to access the Internet by registering for guest network access. Please see Cornell Visitor Wifi for instructions.

Photocopiers, Scanners, Faxes, Printers

In some of the libraries these devices may be used for a small fee or per-page charge. Please contact the specific library for details and payment options.

Library Annex

Visitors may request materials from the Library Annex for on-site use at the Annex or for delivery to any of the other campus libraries.

Assistive Technology Devices

Visitors who wish to use assistive technology devices should contact the Library Public Services Office to arrange for accommodations.