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Cornell University Library is a member of an online cooperative of libraries dedicated to providing quality online assistance to library patrons at all hours. Cornell staff respond to chats during the hours listed below. All other hours are staffed by our partners at other libraries. Cornell staff regularly review cooperative chats and will follow up as needed.

Cornell staff are answering chat:

Cornell University Library respects the privacy of its patrons and protects their confidentiality.

Our chat privacy policy is intended to let patrons know what information is collected by our chat service and how it is used. 

The transcripts database may be used to compile statistics about chat usage and for research to help improve service. Excerpts from transcripts may be used for reports or publications. Personal information (e.g. IP address, email, names, phone numbers, etc.) that might be included in the body of a chat transcript is not shared outside of the Library.

The database is hosted on remote servers by our chat software, Springshare. Springshare has its own privacy policy which includes this privacy statement: “We use every effort available to us to protect your data online. We will never misuse your data internally, or resell it externally.”

If you prefer your chat transcript to be deleted from the database, please contact us. Please send the date and time the chat started and select “Olin & Uris libraries” from the dropdown menu.