Evidence Synthesis Service

We offer an evidence synthesis service to research staff, graduate students, and faculty in all departments on Cornell’s Ithaca campus. We support a range of review methodologies, including systematic reviews, scoping reviews, evidence gap maps, umbrella reviews, and others. Request an evidence synthesis consultation, or visit our resource guide to learn more.

We are committed to guiding and collaborating with investigators on the following:

  • Choosing the best review methodology to fit your timeline, question scope and discipline
  • Identifying relevant databases for searching the scholarly literature, including the gray literature
  • Designing and implementing complex, database-specific search strategies
  • Using citation management software for gathering studies
  • Using article screening and selection tools like Covidence
  • Understanding the research synthesis process and protocol development
  • Finding and evaluating evidence syntheses that have already been published


Librarians who write the search methodology section of the synthesis should be included as a co-author. Librarians who collaborate on search strategy formation and/or citation management should be acknowledged in the final publication.


We have an unlimited license to Covidence for members of the Cornell community located on the main campus in Ithaca, NY. Sign up for access to Covidence and visit our resource guide for more information.

In-Class Instruction

Librarians are available to provide in-class instruction on evidence synthesis methodology. To request an instruction session or workshop, or if you have any other questions about this service, please write to us at systrev_help@cornell.edu.   

If you are a researcher at Weill Cornell Medical College, please submit a request through the Weill Cornell Systematic Review Service.